Vaginoplasty, Vagina When Back as still virgin

Vaginoplasty, the operation is done to tighten the vagina, the more interested in the beauty world the last few years. Prior to know how to do vaginoplasty, also need to know what encourages people to do so.

Women in the pelvic muscles to control the three organ systems, say, bladder, uterus and stomach, which flow into one. When one of the damaged organ, can be organs that are affected.

Major cause behind the pelvic muscle damage is usually due to childbirth, menopause, and Obesity. Conversely, some women born with a network of fat and muscle collagen vagina is lax even when young and not lost during the birth.

The causes, the birth of a child
Damage vagina usually caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Head of the baby was born, through a vagina, can cause pelvic muscles too elastic and tear. Can become worse when the patient does not do kegel exercises during pregnancy and after birth.

Many women do not realize these exercises can prevent or reduce the risk of damage to pelvic muscles. To know or not damaged pelvic muscles, the doctor can enter the vagina to the index finger and thumb into the anus and "tweak" it. If there is a kind of empty space between them, the pelvic muscles have been damaged and the network "perineal body" which is located in the area.

This is a common problem caused by the cutting process of healing or a bad (episiotomy) in the vagina shortly after birth. This feeling that causes such as vulva / vagina that opens on the patient and spouse. Complaints, such as loose, do not bite, there is no sensation, and not fun, it is often heard.

Different from the vaginoplasty, there are patients who ask labioplasty (depreciation vagina lips). Some patients, especially under the age of 40 years, is very disturbed by the lips of their vagina. Some complain of pain when couples have sex when trying to find "the entrance". The other was when the pair saw depression vulva and turned to another woman.

Labioplasty operation is simple with the vulva skin cut off the excess with a straight or zigzag cutting. Sewing is done with rapih and this will be lost within a week. Labioplasty can be done as a day procedure with satisfactory results.


LaDy NaS said...

SALAM..information yg bagus lah untuk saya..walaupun saya belum berkahwin...

smita sharma said...

I had a vaginoplasty about 1 year ago. Today 1 year later, my labias are very irritated, red, itchy a times, and very RAW. With either pharmacutical topical medications or alternative, homeopathic , herbal formulas, what can I do to get healing and restore skin to normal? Please help. Also,

Divya Patil said...

Hi, nice post. This is an interesting and very informative topic about Vaginoplasty.

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