Canary bird sound has a very unique, why do I say unique because of the canary bird in once she can bring a lot of character voice as ro ro ro ro, ri ri ri ri, tit tit tit and much more

Kenari can chatter all day, they rest only to eat and drink. canary that loud voice and a lot of type is the type of male canary in pairs, while the canary female pairs tend to be muted and still lower (monoton) as crit. . . crit

Male canary chirp akan harder and more varied when they entered the season of marriage, female canary akan more interested in the male canary to the volume of loud voices and have a good libretto.

Chantey canary male also influenced by having a speech impediment that the canary female, if the volume being male canary (not too hard) having a speech impediment that usually does not produce too large, but if the volume of the male canary akan influence in having a speech impediment who spend, having a speech impediment akan more big.

Walnut tree having a speech impediment that would affect the big birds that hatch the child, the greater the nestling hatch akan affect the continuity of life nestling, nestling great akan an adult bird that is also great, the influence on the sound produced from these birds.

unique-unique canary bird much more. I will post again later


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