Street musicians

That morning, after dew seemed to the sky, the sun light to break through all the pores. Aorta, muscle, brain I also feel the soap is full of warm light. Osculation intercommunion imprint on the brow the cold after I touch on the night. My hair disheveled also be combed full unfortunately. Morning wind touching crown while whisper that time I have been awakened, a dream to connect the next day, and perform activities like day yesterday which is very boring.

As usual week, on a sunny day, the face of sluggish miserably to bring love and blackmail those who pass-thatch. While carrying a musical instrument composed of several closed beverage bottles, I sing a song idol of the young servant. Also idol street musicians like me. The song "The light out," has made people stunned and deceived, so that They willingly dive pocket and donate a few pieces a dime. Actually, I do not memorize the correct lyrics to the song. Yet, without the grind all, I already can chirp chirp like a parrot just a bath.

Have capital with a sober voice, my talent show that I actually never hide from birth. This is a case that had made, as well as the way of life that I have to browse. Being a street musician's dream is the worst of all. Also for myself. But what may make. The most important side can still be a compromise.

crossing roads and red light has been trying every effort to be the best friend I live in the complex of all, narrow, and bitter. I do not know, maybe this is the destiny that I must Go. Whether to when. I have a brain just to think every day if I need to eat. Without thinking how the switch or the mode, the withdrawal of young people now.

Perhaps, that day I was purple rather than the most weeks of the other. How not, when I play music in front of a red car plate (government car), there is a sharp beam eyes I stare. Highlight the eyes that had never saw before. Yes, a pair of eyes that can enjoy the wonderful songs full of feeling that I play. Tap the heart of the previous run normally, suddenly nervous. Because saking quickly, I made the inconvenience. Cold sweat from the second temple will dampen both cheeks and I is simple. Thin lips I can not continue the struggle. I lost awareness of the brain. Songs I stopped before the time. I felt his hands tied from behind. I do not think out. What on earth? Only because of what the eye gaze is so strong that I finally like loss of consciousness.
"This bud, thank you. The song I play in tunable by you all."

With a gentle hand over hand. Also a beautiful finger. He gave money thousand rupiah and sweet smile, which is still imprint on the heart wall. Smile that is the passion that makes life appear again and can survive the hard life of the city so hard. But, the smile is also pulverize the life of me, until in the most niche.

Accidentally, the worn-out hands that touch the very fine hands. Have felt the vibration and there was something I had never felt. I am not aware with what I've done.

After the events, every day I daydream a lot. Just because you want to meet again with the girls that make the heart vibrant. Up to that of my age-20 to this, I have never felt a feeling so terrible. Feeling that had the soul. Is this called love?.

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Climate Change

Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice / CSF urges state-Annex 1 countries cut emissions to meet its commitments as agreed in the Kyoto Protocol.

Negotiations Bonn Climate Change Talks are ongoing (1-12 June 2009) should ensure the fulfillment of its commitments in the Kyoto Protocol, and not submit a proposal to make the new basis the Kyoto Protocol, said the CSF.

Meeting in June is a good time to change the direction of the discussion of climate change. "Indonesia as the countries affected by climate change should play a role in determining the direction of negotiations, the focus remains on the decline in emissions in the real beginning of the UNFCCC is the goal," said Coordinator of CSF, Giorgio Budi Indarto.

COP 15 will truly last a chance to realize the justice of the world's climate, so have requested that the CSF delegation that attended the Bonn Climate Change Talks banar II is taking action that could save the world.

Civil society also requested that all discussion of negotiations in June, both mitigation and adaptation HELP adopting the concept of climate change in the solution offered.

Indonesian civil society does not tolerate schemes if the handling of climate change offered by the potential harm the community. Therefore, any concrete action to overcome the impact of climate change should be taken while still ensuring the right people.

Another concern that civil society is a funding mechanism that should not be longer depending on the model of debt, the process of manipulation developed countries reducing emissions through the offset mechanism will not be able menstabilisasi volume Grk globally.

For Indonesia, adaptation and mitigation efforts that can not be done again cause problems, such as conversion of land to plant food crops of biofuel raw materials which will reduce the capacity of food production, ecosystem change or peat moss peat and the sea
as counterweight macro and micro climate which is very closely with the interests of ecological, economic, social, and cultural communities.

Ecological debt management should be done through the Transitional justice mechanisms. Environmental crimes should be processed first to uphold justice to victims, and for the restoration of ecosystems that have been damaged in the practices, exploitation of natural wealth by the multi-national corporation.

Indonesian civil society forum for climate justice affirmed, developed countries are obliged to control and evaluate the investment in the plantation forestry sector, where the second sector is the primary supply their needs, the impact to the area of swamp forest and peat moss industry in Indonesia for oil palm plantations and forest industry plants.

They must also ensure that the project pilot modeling and reducing emission from deforestation and degradation (REDD) funded does not violate the rights of indigenous people of the area, forest, and the environment in Indonesia.

Regardless of various things, the handling of climate change will not be achieved, and the UNFCCC negotiations are only the business event carbon failed to save the earth, so the CSF.

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Finally broken the "Page Rank"

One day there is someone to inform and introduce them to me a matter of general public I think that is "blogger". he also said that out of our bloggers can also be additional revenue if we have a page rank, and I asked him what the "page rank"? he said that page rank is one award for the bloggers who are eligible tamplete's uncle google.

then I try to start a blog to manage running a few months I try and try the Page rank of waiting I also appear.
after a few months I try to wrestle with the world's bloggers finally give my uncle Google page rank 1, the new page rank 1 was given but I was very happy because I have been waiting since long. thanks to all colleagues who are bloggers to help me to get the page rank. do not forget me say many thanks to bidikcom that will provide templates and guidance to me, that thanks to uncle google I have to give my page rank.
I also do not forget to thank the many parties who have supported me.

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"The first night"

Some of the things that will happen in the first night.

1. Painful coitus

first night of first coitus akan may feel painful, but not the next night. If the pain until many weeks, this certainly is not normal. Rip hymen is not painful, such as the myths circulating, unless the broken blood vessel, so that more blood out.
Painful coitus is incredible if you have also experienced interference in the mouth, vagina (vulva). The causes can be due to infection (vulvitis), injury, muscle spasm, or a reaction to fear itself.

If the condition of vulva and vagina is healthy, but still painful coitus or malaise, the adjustments may not create emotional, mental, and physical conditions between the couple. Thus, sexual communication can not be stopped.

2. Fisrt Night Not bleed

Although the girls, could be the night when the first does not bleed. This is because the hymen is not only one kind, both hole and elasticity.
In the women's hymen is more rigid, not bloody likely in the first night, and on the next night, or even torn a new betulan after child birth. This case often a tempest at the beginning of the marriage. Husbands generally immediately claimed his wife is not virgin anymore.

3. Urinate many times

Two-three days after the first night, a sudden painful urine, do not feel well, nausea, head aches, and, if severe, urine pink or red. This typically happens on the new bride.
Of course, it should immediately be given antibiotic drugs murderer bacteria, in addition to sedative urine. Usually within 3 days urinate many times already cured, but can relapse. Especially if it is not so direct urine completed coitus

4. Not To Orgasme

The first night will not necessarily always successful. The husband may be satisfied if it has been orgasme, but not the wife. Women's reached a new peak or if orgasme preliminary game long enough, the organ of the soul is ready and fully, and his wife already feel free. Like what? Pain favors prosperous, extraordinary sensation that is felt to the body and soul, it is not envisaged with the words, which can be repeatedly like ocean waves comb the beach.
That was then, how important sex education for boys and girls. If only every husband knows that hymen is diversified, he certainly will be more wise to the real wife is still virgin.

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About 70 percent of headaches are caused by muscle tension. However, headaches can not be considered lightly, especially if up to the job. Headaches often appear simple because of the generally mild symptoms of the disease. What are the trigger headaches?

1. Bos
Boss or a job often trigger pain or headache. In fact, all the things that cause stress or tension will make us more easily fell ill headache or migraine. Headaches caused by emotional tension headache is called tension headache or functional.
People with headaches often feel this musculature in the neck and stiff back strain. In the light massage can reduce the headache, but after some time the complaint will be re-appears.

2. The aroma is too strong
Do you feel dizzy because of fragrance smell perfume? Smell a strong aroma, and even a fragrant, usually causing the dizziness. Not yet known why this happened, but experts suspect that the smell has a strong aroma stimulates nervous system. In addition to perfume, the smell cat, flowers, or dust, often cause the head throb.

3. Hot air
The increase in air temperature often cause the occurrence of migraine headaches or weight. In a study be 7.5 percent of respondents experiencing headaches when the air is hot.

4. Hair Accessories
The way we treat the hair can be influential to the head. Binding hair too tight can make the network into tissue in the head and stern invite headache. Hairpin, also a hat that is too narrow will cause the same effect.

5. Body postures
Not only sports rack sweat can cause the pressure in the head and neck muscles. Postures that the body's daily habits can also cause headaches. Just a habit to sit with the position of the shoulders stoop, sit without support, scan a computer monitor its position is too high or low, or squeeze the phone between ear and shoulder. When last you headaches often attacked, it's time to improve your body postures daily.

6. Sports
Sports that are too heavy, including sex, can also cause headaches. Excessive physical activity can make the blood vessel in the head and neck swelling, and depression. Headache due to sports or sex is easier to attack people who are often exposed to migraine.

7. Cheese
Trigger the headache, or migraine, which is most often cheese, including cheddar, blue cheese, mozzarella and parmesan. It is tyramine, a form of protein that has been parsed, which is in the cheese. Increasing the length of the food or drink, the more tyramine is in it.

8. Red wine
Tyramine can we find in red wine, and liquor. Alcoholic beverages in the terkadung that will improve the flow of blood to the brain, so that any head feels dizzy.

9. Skip lunch
Empty stomach trouble had no lunch on some people often cause headaches. In addition to dizziness, stomach empty also make blood sugar go down, consequently the body feels weak. Head lunch with balanced nutrition. Avoid sweet foods such as chocolate to fill the empty stomach. Sugar's sweet foods will make blood sugar go down and then rebound to lower again.

10. Cigarettes
Smoking causes include headache, not only against people who smoke, but also passive smokers around. Gynecology akan nicotine causes blood vessel to the brain narrow, a result the flow of blood to the brain decreases.

11. Caffeine
The people who usually get headaches often are friends with the coffee. Caffeine can indeed become his opponent at a time. In fact some types of headache medications contain caffeine in it. But on the other hand, caffeine can also cause headaches

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Airbus A330-200

An aircraft owned airline Air France (Airbus A330-200) lost in the journey from Brazil to Paris. Until now unknown fate also more than 200 passengers.

Airbus A330-200 aircraft is designed to be secure in the class.

This is the specification of Airbus A330-200, known sophisticated:

- According to the Aviation Safety Network, this type of Airbus A330-200 had experienced no fatal accidents since the trial in 1994.
- Airbus A330-200 designed through travel. Jet is able to carry passengers with medium capacity.
- Airbus A330-200 was first operated in 1998.
- The amount in all the world as much as 341.
- Length: 58.8 meters.
- Capacity: 253 passengers with a standard configuration, 293 passengers in two class configuration.
- Range up to: Up to 12,500 kilometers. This allows travel through such as Paris-Singapore, the Paris-Los Angeles-London or Dubai.

- Companies that use aviation Airbus A330-200 including Air France, KLM, Northwest Airlines, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air China and China Southern Airlines.
According to the Paris airport authority, on Monday (1 / 6), impressions Airbus A330-200 suddenly not visible in the radar screen. He left Rio de Janeiro, Sunday at 19:00 local time, and will arrive in Paris, Monday at 11:15 local time (around 16:15 WIB).

The Air France said, Airbus 330-200 aircraft type numbered flight 447 was carrying 228 passengers and crew, each of 216 passengers and 12 crew.

A spokesperson for Air France-KLM in Amsterdam, said radio contact with the plane that dropped out of the lost at all. At the last location where the Airbus A330-200 is not known at this time.

During the incident, the Airbus A330-200 that crosses the bad weather conditions, lacing through thunder and lightning in the Atlantic Ocean. Brazilian government is now to seek a search mission in the east coast of the sea coast that country.

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Mugello circuit

MUGELLO circuits from italy MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi blame his team selection wrong to tire in the dry race at Mugello circuit in Italy drivers crumple-Marlboro Ducati, Casey Stoner. The origin of Australia began the race in lap 13 to when replacement tires dry.

"The great fun is in the top of the podium," said Rossi who is in position three in the bottom of the Stoner and his colleagues a team Jorge Lorenzo. "Racing Mugello circuit in Italy is very difficult, we know the weather will be very bad."

"When the weather at the Italian Mugello circuit dried, we make the mistake of using the hard tires. They still choose this type of tire, although I have requested the software," said Rossi.

Rossi occupied the third position after the session through the race in Mugello circuit in Italy Klasemen championship, nine points terpaut with Stoner after the race takes place five times. Racing in the next Catalan MotoGP on June 14.

Dani Pedrosa of Spain, which impose themselves participate Mugello race circuit in Italy despite suffering from injury, and fall back out of the race.

Results Italy Mugello race circuit:
1. Casey Stoner (AUS / Ducati)
2. Jorge Lorenzo (ESP / Yamaha)
3. Valentino Rossi (ITA / Yamaha)
4. Andrea Dovizioso (ITA / Honda)
5. Loris Capirossi (ITA / Suzuki)
6. Colin Edwards (USA / Yamaha)
7. James Toseland (PICS / Yamaha)
8. Randy De Puniet (FRA / Honda)
9. Niccolo Canapa (ITA / Ducati)
10. Chris Vermeulen (AUS / Suzuki)

Klasemen while (after the five-race)
1. Casey Stoner (AUS / Ducati) 90 points
2. Jorge Lorenzo (ESP / Yamaha) 86 points
3. Valentino Rossi (ITA / Yamaha) 81 points
4. Dani Pedrosa (ESP / Honda) 57 points
5. Andrea Dovizioso (ITA / Honda) 56 points
6. Marco Melandri (ITA / Kawasaki) 48 points
7. Colin Edwards (USA / Yamaha) 45 points
8. Loris Capirossi (ITA / Suzuki) 38 points
9. Chris Vermeulen (AUS / Suzuki) 37 points
10. Randy De Puniet (FRA / Honda) 34 points

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