People with thalassemia have a potential cumulation iron dangerous for the health body. In fact, the excess iron can cause the body for virulence. Therefore, the actual value of food iron high they should avoid. By the doctors, the people with thalassemia are usually required to run iron diet.

Therefore, a lot of foods that should be avoided by them. Food taboo for the red meat, liver, kidney, vegetables green, bread, wheat, alcohol, eggs and chicken and duck eggs.

However, not all foods that have iron contents should not be eaten. Gynecology at the limit of moderate iron can still be consumed by the people with thalassemia. For example, a white meat such as chicken and pigs. Similarly, vegetables such as bright colored cabbage and mustard greens. Foods that contain iron, among others, low rice and noodles, bread, biscuits, and tubers (root vegetables) such as carrots, pumpkin, bengkoang, and radish.

All kinds of fish contain protein but have low iron, so that it can enter a list of daily menu. So also with milk, cheese, and fruits. But not the case with the dried fruit that have a dry iron has far exceeded the limit of normal, which should iron.

People with thalassemia generally have a hemoglobin level is very low. That is, a blood transfusion for hemoglobin must be up. If you do not reach the conclusion that, the doctors recommend that patients be given a routine red beans.

Here, patients or their parents must be creative. Many recipes that food fad of red beans for interesting patients. For, in children who have this disease is difficult and tends to be lazy meal. So, not a little child thalessemia have a body weight below the normal size.

In the patients thalessemia, fruits and vegetables that contain acid folat is also recommended, among others, broccoli, milk, and bayam.

*) Sanny Cicilia Simbolon


Henny Y.Caprestya said...

ooo...i just knowing thalessemia as an inherited autosomal recessive blood disease. but you can explain well about it.
well done :)

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