Reservoir Situgintung

Embankment Situ Gintung perforated like a tsunami that occurred, morning that chilling day of bad weather, there gintung levee that is the longer the leak gets worse especially when the weather is heavy rain and hail in sertai. with the condition of this embankment gintung that there have been forty years the only treatment to get sober, might have been saturated to receive the many pressures eventually could not have been holding more. this is in fact already be around but by the residents to return to natural factors.
Perforated situgintung embankment behind the suffering that many will not be forgotten, the hundred people lost their houses, property and family. Children who lost fathers and mothers, mothers and fathers who lost their children.grief is not only felt by the residents of the affected but felt by all citizens of the world and indonesia.
We can see from the assistance provided from the various sections of the community such as food, clothing worthy life, medicine and other assistance is still stout. Disaster response center that stands that help convey the shape of food, clothing worthy life, medicine is more than enough. now about the problem of where to stay, they can not survive too long in tents which have now, they can not hold late in the dumps.
They want to build a new life again with the remnants of ability. they wait for help from the hands of our government and especially the location of funds and new dwelling


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