Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, said on Monday (27 / 4), Pakistani intelligence agencies believe al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had died, but they acknowledge they have no evidence.

"The United States told me they did not know and they are far more equipped
rather we are tracking. And our own intelligence agencies obviously thought that he was not there anymore, that he had died, "Zardari told AFP journalist and dilansir.

"However, there is no evidence, you can not accept it as fact," he said. "We have between fact and fiction."

Zardari to address reports that the Pakistani Taliban in the Swat valley said they will welcome both Osama bin Laden if he would like to visit the former health resort in the hills of Pakistan is now in the hands of the Islamist group. "The problem is whether he is alive or has died. There is no trace Osama bin Laden," said the president.

In Washington, the U.S. department of foreign affairs spokesman, Robert Wood, indicates that the U.S. will still be looking for Osama bin Laden based on estimates he still lives. "I do not have information that Osama bin Laden is indeed dead or alive," Wood said to reporters when asked about the statement of Zardari. "We do not know. We will continue to pursue Osama bin Laden until we can catch it, or bring justice to him," he said.

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Pig Flu alert

Pig Flu became the most frightening threat to the world at this time. After the death of more than 100 people of Mexico, the government of Mexico estimate pig flu cases in humans in the country continue to grow.

Many countries, from Spain to New Zealand, warned citizens not to travel to North America, the early emergence of outbreaks. Government of the other quarantine plan, the rules restrict the import of meat of swine, and check the temperature of the body passenger aircraft. Global health officials also live waiting times increase global pandemic alert level.

Unfortunately, as is always done every emerging global crisis of any kind, the government always claims not to worry. Yesterday the Minister of Health Siti Fadilah Supari urge people not to panic to the likelihood of the emergence of the disease of
Pig Flu in Indonesia.

Siti stressed that the disease of swine flu H1N1 alias small potential for spread in the country. Mortality due to bird flu (H5N1) is much higher, ie, 80-90 percent, rather than
Pig Flu H1N1), which is 6.4 percent. However, the community must remain vigilant because there are already confirmed this virus can be transmitted through human to human. H1N1 virus is''living in the area subtropik. For Indonesia, the probability is very small due to tropical. However, the community must remain vigilant, "said Minister of health in a press meet after the coordination meeting of swine flu in the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Office, Jakarta.

Coordination meetings attended by the Ministry of Transportation, Department of Health, Police, Ministry in the country, the Ministry of culture and Tourism, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of foreign countries.

Cautious for the emergence of disease in Indonesia, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has requested the parties to stop the import of meat pigs. In addition, the MOH conducted surveillance on a number of pig farms in Indonesia, which is now reached 9 million head. Meanwhile,''for the entry into Indonesia through the airport has been prepared thermo scanner,''said Siti.

Thermo scanner is a tool that can detect human body temperature is high bertemperatur. If the human body that reviewed more than 38 degrees Celsius, the tool will beep. If there is a suspected infection of
Pig Flu , will be given cards Danger Health (Health Alert Card) that has been prepared by MOH. Card is given to the airline and the port. Cards will be distributed and must be filled by migrants on the condition of health. For example, these newcomers have the flu or not.

Director of Disease Control of Animals brought (PPBB) MOH Rita Kusriastuti add, thermo scanner has been prepared at ten airports and ports. Among others, Airport Soekarno-Hatta and Halim Perdana Kusumah Airport in Jakarta, Juanda Airport in Surabaya, Hang Nadim airport in Batam, Makassar in Hasanudin Airport, Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Sepinggan Airport in Balikpapan, and Port of Tanjung Priok in one terminal and two. Meanwhile,''for drugs, has been prepared 3 million stock tamiflu drug (the same medicine for bird flu). In addition, 100 hospital referrals have also been re-trained, "said Rita.

On the same occasion, Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie said,
Pig Flu pandemic is likely to be.''Therefore, the government will take the prevention of spreading in Indonesia,''he said.

Ical-familiar call-Aburizal says has received reports from the ministers of agriculture, minister of health, and the National Commission for Control of Avian Flu and pandemic influenza in coordination meetings. ''We will study the steps that
Pig Flu does not spread in Indonesia, based on experience in the prevention of bird flu pandemic,''said Ical again. Currently, he is proceeding, if the exercise is being conducted H1N1/Pig Flu viruses that attack Indonesia. Exercise is how the evacuation, how to delivery to the hospital, until treatment.

Extract information Diseases Control Center or the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the swine flu attack at this time with a different type of flu that normally exist in the human or pig. New types of flu this genetic material consists of pigs, birds, and humans. This new type can be transmitted between humans. Marks the beginning of flu infected pigs are shown with flu-like symptoms, ie fever, tired, lose appetite, and cough. Some people experience slimy nose, sore throat, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Pig Flu virus can spread through the consumption of pork? CDC mementahkan possibility that. The entrance to the pig cutting animals must be free from the flu. In addition, the concoction of meat will kill the virus. Effective way to avoid flu this new sink is to wash hands regularly, using soap.

Head of the Laboratory of Avian Flu Airlangga University Surabaya Choirul Anwar Nidom states, the results of research in laboratoriumnya, for at this time have not found a local Indonesian pigs that contain a virus such as
Pig Flu virus in Mexico.

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Women, The Strong's Men

During this time women are always identical as those of weak people who do not have any more bargaining power. Not infrequently a woman is seen by the eyes of men. While women thus stronger than men

"I see from my own family, my father married three times. He was not able to take the family after his wife died," said Samuel Mulia, A Brand Counsltan of several leading media when found after the book launch in Heart Side The Heart Susah couple Exercise , in Jakarta.

After the funeral, go Sam, the father can not take things like the small child, or pay the electric bill and telephon.

"If the woman left by her husband, the economy is a problem, but if the husband can be left perplexed everything. No wonder that many widower married again," said Sam.

In addition, go Sam, the husband will be experiencing many difficulties in solving various problems because during this time where the wife is for her husband,

"Even a head of state is from the outside looks stout akan complain on their wives. No wonder if there are terms behind a strong man there is a great woman," augment him.

He also cite that the strength of women when he has seen. During the nine months, a woman must carry the burden where it was going. Have not yet felt the pain when giving birth.

After becoming a mother, women still have to take the children occupied. Unfortunately, the strength of the maximum has not been used by the women.

According to the women not confident with the strength of the existing. In addition, factors domination of men also prevent women to indicate strength.

Then men graduates of Faculty of Medicine Udayana University holds this man who is being selfish, and the woman as the nation weakened.

"When Adam caught eating the fruit from heaven, he would blame weather," he said. He also cite akan men are considered great if he became a playboy, but if a woman play the girl would pout.

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Obesity causes Global Warming

The increasing cases of obesity numbers (Obesity) in this world it is said to be one of the causes of the emergence of global warming. why, what problem?

Scientists warn that the increasing number of glutton also show increased production of food, the biggest causes of CO2 gas emissions that heat the planet earth.

Obesity is also said to participate in environmental damage. Dr Phil Edwards from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said, "The fat found in someone who is responsible for the obesity discharge 1 ton carbon dioxide each year." That means billions of tons of CO2 each year there.

Scientists said global warming melt the polar ice in the north and increase the surface sea water and the jungle.

Effect of fat on the environment is increasingly visible especially those who are most overweight lazy to do the activity. They prefer to drive a car, the biggest cause of carbon emissions.

Scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said developed countries such as the United States and the UK have this problem.

Phil said, "Production of food reaches at least one fifth of the amount of greenhouse gases." Therefore, go Phil, efforts need to be a down trend Obesity. This is a key factor in the fight against carbon emissions and slow climate change.

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24 Year Baby Becoming Stone in stomach

on 22 april 2009 occurred the very surprising things in the world medis.Tim doctor surprised with the finding that babies have been silent in the stomach cavity Ny Painah (48) operating at the time nomination mioma uteri the team of doctors led by Hafiz Usman H SpoG in Hospital dr Noesmir Baturaja Wednesday

With the baby weight about 300 grams - 400 grams and 14 cm long according to the family Painah already occupy his mother's stomach for 24 years. But seven months after the event, the baby lost her mother's stomach and gradually decline as people have maternity.

Doctor H SpOG Hafiz Usman said this case or in medical terms Lito pedium (lito means stone and means pedium children) first time found in Ogan Komering North (OKU). Mother baby experience intraabdominal pregnancy / extra utrin. Baby dies in pregnancy seven months and there is no way out (of birth) because of the position of the baby in the belly cavity, or a baby outside the womb.

if our people are very surprised when certain things that happen. plus our knowledge of the medical is very low. but if we return to the god that is very possible. therefore let us juxtapose themselves with more on the gods.

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smile angel injured

Middle girl is sitting and reading a sheet of paper in a few rooms temaram. An invitation to parents of a student graduation. Girl is Lina. Five more days he will reach a degree of communication.

"What I need to go back to the house so, it has been almost four years I never again set my feet in there." Lina suppress.

Almost four years he never again visited the place where he first tat boyhood and youth. Since the war he was involved with the father's mouth. Lina only because the father wanted his son studying in medical. Meanwhile, Lina choose science communication as a path of education.

In emotional, Lina leave home. Despite the weight of the heart, he should leave the younger sister, Rani, who is junior class 2. Lina regret everything. If the mother does not leave them too quickly. it becomes a little fracas can be avoided and he should not go out of her house.

Lina rise from a chair and reach mobile phone rings after a very long time. "Hi Bram, what?" Lina question.

"Lin, I remember a meeting tomorrow, come the morning more so," answered Bram. "Surely." Answer Lina short.

"Yes ... if so, good night it is, unfortunately," Bram end of speech.

Bram is the nearest Lina at this time. He often gives the spirit to run their lives in Lina. Bram also provide job opportunities for Lina to work in radio as a chore.

Lina the morning to leave office with a lot of things that flare up in the brain. He became difficult to concentrate. Bram see changes in attitudes Lina. Bram about Lina, "It's what, one day you look up haywire?" Bram help.

Lina submit a letter of invitation to the graduation Bram. Bram read, and then he said "So, what's wrong?"

"You know I own, I do not have long associated with the father. Now suddenly I need to meet with him again. I am confused, and more precisely bumbling nervous," said Lina.

"Why should you confused, it is now time to show you that fathers can be successful even without help from it," said Bram.

"But ...." Lina is still undecided.

"Never mind, it later after work I go home to home among you. ... Okay" Bram said Lina greeted with a nod.

It still does not change. Still painted white, the same as last time Lina visited the house. Lina moment hesitate to step in, but Bram reach hands and walk into.

Doors open and look Minah. "Miss ..." Old woman was surprised. "There are fathers, minah?" Lina question. Minah looks nervous. Lina run entry.

"Father has not come home two weeks, Nona. Ehm ... go since Nona's house, a lot has changed, Nona. Mr. so rarely home, she said business is business. Meanwhile, sister Rani women often go home the night, often not even go home , "said Minah length. Lina startled surprised to hear the word of Minah.

"Now, Rani is in the room?" lina said then.

"There, Miss, in the room, already a few days this does not leave room Rani. Rani also do not allow me to enter rooms. Oh yes Miss, what to drink?" Minah said.

"Buatkan to Bram, I do not have," said Lina. "Bram, I used to ride, I'm not feeling well," said Lina while going to the top floor. At room adiknya, he shock. Rani are to enter the syringe arm. "Rani!" Lina cried and ran to the Rani and immediately seize the needle tool.

"What you do! You use?" Lina outcry against brother daughter.

"No matter you! Why you here, urus only your own self." Rani screaming. He looked in pain.

Rani avoid corner and ran to the room. "Go ye! Where you when I am lonely. When I have a problem. I am alone here." Rani said with the sad.

"Yes I am sorry, Ran. I pity you as I promise you will not leave again," answered Lina. Lina slowly approaching the daughter and sister hug. Rani increasingly struggle to get loose, but do not embrace Lina weakened.

"minah ...," cried Lina. Minah not come alone. He is with Bram. "Minah please phone the doctor." Lina said. Minah out soon. "Bram please check this room, there may be remaining." Lina said that while the injection of Bram. The situation in the house have started restrained. Rani has started quietly.

When Lina father came, they spoke in the room work. Lina told the purpose coming. Lina submit the graduation invitations to his father. Lina fathers are willing to come and receive.

*) Nunung N

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Men and Researcher

The city is silent and the silence in the cold night. It seems, the city where I began to dream up sleeping soundly and feel that only loneliness. One of the things that I like to think is in the dark, even crying in the dark. I close the eyes stronger, start to imagine what dark as the grave I wait. I immediately open the eyes as soon as possible.

Current five months ago, is still really strong in the embedded memory, and even up to second this. In fact, the rebel soul with what I've done to myself. That time I really did not freeze, only the still crying ago. For me, the world no longer. Many things that must be prepared when you attend because you will change many things. Some of the closest friend I was with said that they do not feel that myself and dare to take firm decisions.

"Maybe you use magic!" Ain began to look forward because no one that I respond to the serious. "You can do the! You can not continue like this, already a week!"

In the dark I remember all the smiles that have occurred. Fragile Aji I lost because I do not mind making tasks that pile up, forget the friends who always there for me. But, the heart can not deny everything, and I expect this night I miss him. Longing that I go to him who have created a map of my life changed overnight. He is capable of the day without me I surrender terms. Surrender to the beautiful love I keep silent.

Golden opportunity that I go by the waiting time. Because the most valuable when it is I do not want to Aji become the property of others. Things that have been mad I have to do is to love him so that I was chosen. Without her heart I only receive one hour, and I decided and said that he did not choose me.

In fact he knows that I have feelings for others, no longer considered as a friend. The more I remember what you have done for me, the more I miss him.

"You know, I like the small chase kites. Once I get it already, but my friends still have to have ambition."

"Finally?" I cut the story about the child.

"I can kite damaged. It's sad that time." His eyes look empty with the small

"I want to like the kite," I said.

"I want to love you like the kite. I want you I will not release the board." He was smiling. Smiles which means that he will release me.

Decisions that have been fixed dibuatnya course I did not receive. As a man he does not have the unmitigated temerity be the least. I likewise unstable himself.

"I have decided Eva," he said in the phone that morning.

I am among the happy and sad. Before I say that I love him, he had to love another woman, namely Eva. I present the time is not right. Then I ask him not to leave me for a while. He is able. During her there with me, he realized that there was love for me.

"He was angry. For, according to him I am wishy-washy in the teeth. I really like to say to him, but he does not dare to commit, and I do not want a relationship stranded without direction. The commitment that I get from you."

"Eh, no SMS from Eva," he said suddenly, I subside, fear.

"He ask me to contact him soon, I need you fear, I call again later. I do anything right, you do not be afraid."

Almost one hour more I am waiting to contact me again. Somehow what is happening.

"Eva the decision. He dares committed." Without directly kuminta he explains. I still do not know what should be said. "You certainly can Get it all." That last word in the phone.

Ripen the night, do not feel wet pipiku remember everything. He is a man of kite flying high and went with the wind. And I will never know where he went to land, land his heart. At first I just want to love himself in the silent, the more I save more and therefore I am weak.

So many words that he say, but no one has ditepatinya. In fact I have not forget to put all of it. This evening I'm suffering from insomnia for the time. I turn on the lamp room, and I search all about him.

*) Endah Tri Utari Amboina

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Vaginoplasty, Vagina When Back as still virgin

Vaginoplasty, the operation is done to tighten the vagina, the more interested in the beauty world the last few years. Prior to know how to do vaginoplasty, also need to know what encourages people to do so.

Women in the pelvic muscles to control the three organ systems, say, bladder, uterus and stomach, which flow into one. When one of the damaged organ, can be organs that are affected.

Major cause behind the pelvic muscle damage is usually due to childbirth, menopause, and Obesity. Conversely, some women born with a network of fat and muscle collagen vagina is lax even when young and not lost during the birth.

The causes, the birth of a child
Damage vagina usually caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Head of the baby was born, through a vagina, can cause pelvic muscles too elastic and tear. Can become worse when the patient does not do kegel exercises during pregnancy and after birth.

Many women do not realize these exercises can prevent or reduce the risk of damage to pelvic muscles. To know or not damaged pelvic muscles, the doctor can enter the vagina to the index finger and thumb into the anus and "tweak" it. If there is a kind of empty space between them, the pelvic muscles have been damaged and the network "perineal body" which is located in the area.

This is a common problem caused by the cutting process of healing or a bad (episiotomy) in the vagina shortly after birth. This feeling that causes such as vulva / vagina that opens on the patient and spouse. Complaints, such as loose, do not bite, there is no sensation, and not fun, it is often heard.

Different from the vaginoplasty, there are patients who ask labioplasty (depreciation vagina lips). Some patients, especially under the age of 40 years, is very disturbed by the lips of their vagina. Some complain of pain when couples have sex when trying to find "the entrance". The other was when the pair saw depression vulva and turned to another woman.

Labioplasty operation is simple with the vulva skin cut off the excess with a straight or zigzag cutting. Sewing is done with rapih and this will be lost within a week. Labioplasty can be done as a day procedure with satisfactory results.

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Hacker steals information combat Jet

Confidential data of thousands of the most sophisticated fighter belonging to the U.S. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, has been stolen by hackers secret for two years.

Hacker success make random aircraft electronic system through the computers of Pentagon contractors tasked to design and develop the plane. So disclosed a number of officials who are reluctant to name mentioned because this sensitive case.

As CNN reported on Wednesday (22 / 4), the hacker can also enter the traffic control systems to U.S. Air Force. They can even get information about the location of U.S. military aircraft flight.

Aircraft F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the F-35 Lightning II. The aircraft is designed to be a new fighter that can be used for Navy, Forces, and Air Force. The project of making the plane is worth 300 billion U.S. dollars.

Most of the data is confidential demolished about building design and statistical capability aircraft, including the electronic system. With that data, Hacker can easily use it to create a competitor aircraft.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal said, hackers are able to copy multiple terabyte data on these aircraft is. One terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes. "Not that ever happened like this," said a former official.

Not yet clear how serious breach, or indeed who the peretas it, but the most sensitive data on the fighter project was reportedly stored in a computer that is safe and not connected to the internet.

Wall Street quoted several former U.S. officials never mentioned the identity and they said that the attack "appears to originate in China." One report has not been long out of this Pentagon said China's military has made "certain progress" in the development of techniques for increasing the war online as part of efforts to redress the military that are less developed.

Early April, disputed the Chinese reports The Wall Street Journal that the peretas China and Russia has been trying to send a virus to install electricity in the U.S..

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Russia threatens NATO

Russian envoy to NATO, on Monday (20 / 4), threatening to cancel the meeting will be the senior military commander next month if the alliance is still conducting training plan in Georgia, the Interfax News Office reported.

"If we see no response (on the Russian protests about the training that the staff meeting )..., Russia-NATO planned held on May 7 will not take place," said Interfax quoted Dmitry Rogozin.

Russia, which is involved in a brief war with Georgia last year, NATO protest of plans to do a series of international exercises near Tbilisi next month.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned that NATO exercises that can hinder efforts to overcome the tension relationship between the organization and Moscow, which is frozen after the Georgia war.

Russia and NATO decision to start work again with the council is part of efforts to improve relations between Moscow and Washington, after Barack Obama launch new duties as president of the United States.

The first meeting of council of minister level since the relationship is again scheduled to take place starting on 29 April and the planned ministerial-level meeting on May 19. Russian officials so far have not send the signal that the risk of this meeting was canceled.

Russia calls NATO exercises as it is on alliance support for Georgia, an important transit route for oil and gas Caspian Sea to Europe, and has been brought under control by Moscow.

NATO states did not understand why Moscow feels disturbed by the practice plan, which will involve 1,300 soldiers from 19 countries from 6 May to 1 June.

Russian troops entered Georgia to break the Georgian military effort to more South Ossetia on August 7-8. Five-day war in August that erupt when Tbilisi tried to restore power to the military forces in the area of South Ossetia secede from Georgia in 1992, after the fall Sovyet Union.

Georgia and Russia still disagree after a brief war in August between them years ago to the South Ossetia.

In addition to South Ossetia, Abkhazia also separate themselves from Georgia in the early 1990s. The two separatist regions that depend almost entirely on the top of the Russian financial assistance, military, and diplomatic.

Georgia still claims sovereignty over the area and received support from the West South Ossetia on Wednesday (11 / 3) states will allow Russian troops to the region to use the military base for 99 years.

Abkhazia leader Sergei Bagapsh also said earlier in March, the province will soon sign an agreement that allows Russia to build a base in another separatist region of Georgia for the period of 49 years.

Russia still plans to put thousands of soldiers in Abkhazia and South Ossetia have been anger Tbilisi and associates to its West, saying that it violated the cease-fire end of war.

Recognition of the independence of Moscow on the second area menyulut criticism from Georgia and many Western countries.

Russian recognition of opening up the independence of the two Georgian regions that it separates itself, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, on January 16 when President Dmitry Medvedev receives ambassador ambassador-their first flush of biting with the ambassadors of NATO member countries.

Nicaragua to give "full recognition" to the republic-republic Abkhazia and South Ossetia as "the new member countries free of the world community.

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Dilemmas of Life

Life is beautiful but life is not as easy as paint multiform and many colors

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Efforts to Recycle Waste Plastic

Efforts to recycle waste plastic made Palapa Recycle Plastic Foundation, a community organization that was formed to overcome the problems of Lhokseumawe plastic waste, are now starting a company recycling waste plastic in the world. This organization offers the opportunity to export waste plastic that has been processed.

According to Recycle Plastics Chairman Palapa Foundation (PPRF) Baharudin Sanian foundation to accommodate a variety of plastic garbage collector who collected scraps. Unlike the second-hand dealer, according to this foundation Baharudin, empower collectors item used in a way to help them know the economic value of waste plastic. If second-hand collectors submit various types of plastic waste in the form of the original foundation to help collectors items used to separate different types of waste plastic in chemical elements according to each one.

"With the way to share all types of waste plastic according to the chemical elements each, directly to make the selling price of plastic garbage is increasing. Then when the collector submit a second-hand plastic waste in the form of full and mixed with frosted, valued by collectors agent only Rp 1000/kilogram. But when plastic waste is divided and grouped start appropriate chemical element each, a price many fold increase, "said Baharudin.

He cite, one can drink bottles of two types of plastic waste that is different, bottles and bottle cap. When both separated and combined with the same type, then the price of plastic waste can be more expensive than the current collector to sell second-hand bottles and bottle cap is not separate. "We take up to two years to create second-hand collectors know to distinguish the types of plastic waste," said Baharudin.

PPRF now has a shelter and waste plastic processing factory. This factory function mill-waste plastic waste that has been separated into various types, into small pieces or plastic chips. "If we sold in the form of plastic chips, the price much more expensive," said Baharudin.

PPRF Baharudin was assisted by donor agencies to come to Lhokseumawe pascatsunami. This is from donor agencies, PPRF consulting business and get connected with one of the waste plastic processing company in the world based in Hong Kong, Fukutomi.

Fukutomi representatives have come to Lhokseumawe and interested in what we do. They requested that we exported two containers of plastic waste that has been grinding, and said while Baharudin, said in a PPRF can sell 150 tonnes of plastic waste that has been processed to the processing factory.

However, efforts Baharudin PPRF and the issue of plastic waste is not fully supported the Government of Lhokseumawe. They even PPRF burden the city government to help provide a place for various types of waste garbage different.

"But we're the government so that the city would like to educate the public, with the trash distinguish type. This is to help collectors collect garbage scraps, plastic waste," said Public Outreach PPRF Surya Aslim. Surya said, the effort was directly PPRF has helped overcome the problems of plastic waste in Lhokseumawe.

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Arctic ice

Arctic ice is in the top of a smaller and more sparse than the previous, while older ice is replaced starting a powerful young ice melt that fast. Said some researchers in the NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado.

According to the researchers, the maximum sea ice in the winter Artik this increase 15 million and 150,000 square kilometers, about 720,000 square kilometers less than the average area between the North Pole in 1979 and 2000.

In the normal winter, ice thickness often have three or more meters, however, this year, de-ice thickness almost can not penetrate the appropriate target "Arctic Circle".

"We are not ready for the summer. We are in a very precarious situation," said the scientist's Ice Data Center, Walt Meier.

Number of thick sea ice reached lower levels in the winter with a 680,400 square kilometers this year, down 43 percent from year ago.

"Usually, the ice is thinner and younger was 70 percent of the ice layer. This year, a layer that reached 90 percent," said Meier.

"Ice is very important because the sea reflect the sun from Earth. The more ice to melt, the more heat be merged by the ocean so that hot temperatures on the planet," said Program Manager NASA Polar Regions Tom Wagner.

Heating also can change the climate patterns around the world and the ecosystem change for animals like polar bears.

Meanwhile, the South Pole is also the condition of concern. A shelf of ice was lost quickly, missing one start and glacier melt faster than expected due to all the climate change, expressed by some researchers as the UK and the U.S. Government on 3 April.

They said "Wordie Ice Shelf," which has been split since 1960s, and lost the north "Larsen Ice Shelf" is no more. More than 8300 square kilometers have been separated from "Larsen Shelf" since 1986.

The causes of climate change. Therefore the contents of the report "U.S. Global Survey (USGS) and the" British Antartic Survey "
"Glacier shrinkage in there quickly to show once again the real impact is being experienced by our planet, faster than expected, as the impact of climate change," said Minister of Home Affairs U.S. Ken Salazar in a statement.

"This ongoing and often a reduction in the glacier often with very large hail is warning that a change occurred ... and we need to prepare," said glasiologi USGS expert, Jane Ferrigno, who led the study Antarctica, in a statement.

"Antarctica has a special interest because it has as many as 91 percent of the volume of glacier in the Earth, and changes in any layer of ice on the cause of the threat to the community," he said.

In another report in a broadcast journal "Geophysical Letters", "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration" states, the ice melt much more quickly than estimated in the North Pole.

The report is based on the new computer analysis and measurement of ice has not been this long.

"UN Climate Panel projects that world temperatures will increase the atmosphere between 1.8 and 4.0 degrees celsius due out greenhouse gases, the condition can cause floods, droughts, heat waves and stronger storms.

While layers and glacier ice melt, the circumstances can raise the entire surface of the ocean water and soak lowland areas.

Source: Antara

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Result of modifications to use adobe photoshop by orange

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The Red Uniformed

Thailand's government to quickly carry out evacuation of the leaders of the KTT using military helicopters to the airport to avoid attacks from the anarchist demonstrators.

The red-uniformed demonstrators, demanding that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva back from the occupation, the glass door of the building where KTT progress. They then forced the building entrance, flip-flip table, blow horn, wave a flag Thailand, and holler, "Abhisit back!"

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand, Tharit Charungvat, ensuring all participants KTT safe. As many as nine leaders of ASEAN countries are still in a hotel on the fringe of Thailand when the location of KTT diserbu demonstrators.

"The meeting can not be done. We must consider the security of the leader (state)," said government spokesman, Supachai Jaisamuth. "The situation is very hard and security of the leaders threatened," he added.

This situation becomes brunt telak for Abhisit that attempts situation conducive show impression since power in the election in parliament four months ago following a Constitutional Court decision disincorporate government Wongsawat as PM Wongchai cheating election.

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Air pollution disturb development of fetus

Exposure of air pollution from motor vehicles can disturb the growth of fetus and result in low birth weight. The pregnant women are encouraged to avoid the pollution exposure.

"If pregnant women suffering from diseases related to air pollution, that affect the supply of food on the baby, the problem of low birth weight a bad impact on the baby's health. One of them, the baby at risk of experiencing acute hipertermia like and can not breathe normally. In the long run, it can prevent the development of the brain.

In Indonesia, 15-17 percent of the total number of babies born with low body weight, which is 2.5 kilograms or less. The cause is in the direct supply of food to infants less pain because the mother or the blood vessel when the subject is pregnant and the fetus aberration.

Results in the U.S. study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, as the BBC site is quoted, the high exposure of smoke pollution from motor vehicles in the capital at the beginning and end of pregnancy can cause the fetus does not grow well until the baby is born with low body weight.

*) dr Rinawati Rohsiswatmo, Divisi Neonatal Departemen Kesehatan Anak Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo

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People with thalassemia have a potential cumulation iron dangerous for the health body. In fact, the excess iron can cause the body for virulence. Therefore, the actual value of food iron high they should avoid. By the doctors, the people with thalassemia are usually required to run iron diet.

Therefore, a lot of foods that should be avoided by them. Food taboo for the red meat, liver, kidney, vegetables green, bread, wheat, alcohol, eggs and chicken and duck eggs.

However, not all foods that have iron contents should not be eaten. Gynecology at the limit of moderate iron can still be consumed by the people with thalassemia. For example, a white meat such as chicken and pigs. Similarly, vegetables such as bright colored cabbage and mustard greens. Foods that contain iron, among others, low rice and noodles, bread, biscuits, and tubers (root vegetables) such as carrots, pumpkin, bengkoang, and radish.

All kinds of fish contain protein but have low iron, so that it can enter a list of daily menu. So also with milk, cheese, and fruits. But not the case with the dried fruit that have a dry iron has far exceeded the limit of normal, which should iron.

People with thalassemia generally have a hemoglobin level is very low. That is, a blood transfusion for hemoglobin must be up. If you do not reach the conclusion that, the doctors recommend that patients be given a routine red beans.

Here, patients or their parents must be creative. Many recipes that food fad of red beans for interesting patients. For, in children who have this disease is difficult and tends to be lazy meal. So, not a little child thalessemia have a body weight below the normal size.

In the patients thalessemia, fruits and vegetables that contain acid folat is also recommended, among others, broccoli, milk, and bayam.

*) Sanny Cicilia Simbolon

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For this person only looked tobacco from one side only the negative. for example, tobacco is a basic material in making cigarettes and smoking is one of the trigger or the root of the problem of disease cancer.

But tobacco also have benefits other than economic terms like health care. we know that tobacco is a superior product from several countries in the world. because of the high value economic tobacco also have other benefits as the drug for example light only if we bitten drops of water leech from tobacco loan that would be separated and die.

Addition, tobacco can also be used as a medicine to drive insects.

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Coffee for health

If you want free from pain due to running out of energy or fatigue after exercise, drink a glass of coffee.

One new study shows, coffee reduces pain due to fatigue is not concerned about someone drinking habits have coffee or not. Such reports official Chinese news agency, Xinhua, Wednesday (1 / 4).

Professor field of public health and kinesiologi at the University of Illionis said Robert Motl, "caffeine in a working system in the brain and spinal nerves that are involved in pain processing. And because caffeine prevents adenosine, chemical substances that play an important role in the diversion of energy and sports , caffeine can reduce the pain. "

The researchers, the former bicycle racing athletes, 25 student health divide into two different groups.

In one group there is a man who every day mengonsumsi caffeine very low to no, and other groups include people with an average caffeine consumption of 400 milligram / day, equal to three to four-cup coffee.

After completing the exercise test early in the laboratory using a static bicycle to ensure maximum oxygen consumption or aerobic energy, the research object to return to sports activities for 30 minutes with a high intensity that is monitored.

One hour before each event, the athletes who have been racing bicycle instructed not to consume caffeine during the previous 24 hours, given a pill.

On one occasion, pills that contain caffeine dose of 5 milligram / kilogram body weight, or equal to two or three glasses coffee, and the opportunities they are given replacement.

During the second period of sports, the object of vision research on the four major muscle pain in the front of the thigh with the rest still recorded, along with information on oxygen consumption, heart tap, and the portion of the activities.

"What we saw is not something that we think," said Motl. "People do not consume caffeine consumed and the normal level has the same reduction of pain during exercise after caffeine they consume," he said.

Results dirinci study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, issue April.

The author of the study include Steven P Broglio of the University of Illionis and Sigurbjorn A Arngrimsson's Center for Sport and Health Sciences, Iceland University of Education

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Earthquake L'Aquila, victims reached 200 people

L'Aquila - If only a warning seismolog Italian Gioacchino Giuliani heard and the government does not prohibit the delivery of information, may be around 207 lives will not be early days ago Monday (6 / 4). Despite can not be avoided, at least, the impact of the earthquake damage to physical strength 6.3 Richter scale in the city of L'Aquila can be minimized.

Yesterday (7 / 4) The Daily Mail revealed that the occurrence of symptoms akan terrible earthquake has been detected. As a scientist who can read the sign, Giuliani was a moral responsibility to warn residents. Therefore, during the last sepekan him around town in a van equipped with loudspeakers, while the city urges residents to evacuate small.

Unfortunately, the local government to catch the panic would prohibit the delivery of information. They then calms people and remove their worries. ''People call me weird, and people began to berate me. I diolok fun of and called a idiot because they warned that the earthquake problem is not sure they can never predict,''Giuliani said.

So, when the earthquake actually horrible dipijak of the earth at around 03.00 on Monday (6 / 4), the indignant Giuliani. Shortly before the vibration was felt, he has warned the residents try again. But useless. Because, at that time he is currently in the government's interrogation. ''They should apologize to me. False own if they eventually become victims,''said the specialist who is also the city of L'Aquila.

He stated to the media, the signs are great earthquake detected start mid January. But, the Italian Civil Protection Agency asserts that the vibration is felt, at that time is very normal. ''We have a history of the earthquake that long. But, we do not have to do to address them. Once through the natural, we forget and do nothing,''suspire The National Institute of geophysical enzo Boschi.

Ironically, scientists are warning alert and disseminate useful is suspected. After circling the city and warned residents to install a warning on the internet, the police arrested even Giuliani. He then diinterogasi until the earthquake actually the city's aged 13 century. Perhaps, the strength of the earthquake had also destroyed the city in 1461 and 1703.

Local government action related to Giuliani, the Prime Minister (PM) Italy Silvio Berlusconi exposed consequences. Yesterday (7 / 4) wave flows to government critics. However, the leader of 72 years and try to muffle criticism request all people to focus on the handling of the victim. ''We can discuss later. Now we have to search the victim,''he said.

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Neck cancer

Neck cancer cell growth is the womb or network that causes uncontrollable benjolan or neck tumor in the uterus or serviks. At the initial stage, the cells in the womb, neck or entrance to the womb develop abnormal called pre-cancer stage, and if not treated will change so cancer.

The majority of cancer cases caused by infection serviks human papillomavirus (HPV). Some HPV infections disappear on their own women, although without treatment, but there is also an infection that settled for many years to cause cancer. So far, there are more than 100 types of HPV types and 13 of them able to increase the risk of womb cancer neck. However, 71 percent of this major cause of cancer-related HPV type 16 infection and 18.

HPV infection generally occurs after the female sexual and related generally occurs around the age of 25 years. From HPV infection to the occurrence of the damage layer of mucus so to pre-cancer to malignancy or cancer take almost 20 years. During his life, almost half of women and men had HPV infection, said the Head of Center for Reproductive Health Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University, Siswanto Agus Wilopo.

All women who have sexual risk exposure serviks cancer, because the intimate relationship that can occur H PV infection. They are exposed to high risk of cancer serviks is, women who did not undergo screening, and began a sexual relation at the age of young children, have children, more than 5 people, some couples have to change history or change pasa-ngan, and has a smoking habit.

Unlike some other virus, if infected with HPV virus, it does not mean people will have immunity against the virus. "He is still at risk for recurrent infection of HPV types of the same or different, and remain exposed to the risk of cancer serviks," said the consultant from the Department of allergic immunological disease In Science, University of Indonesia Faculty of Medicine, General Hospital-Center Cipto Mangunkusumo Prof. Samsuridjal Djauzi.

In the year 2008, the World Health Organization estimates 12.4 million people suffering from cancer and 7.6 million people died because of cancer disease. Globally, uterus neck cancer incidence occupied second after breast cancer, with incidence angk a new disease every year around 500,000 deaths and as many as 288,000 people.

Almost 90 percent of incident neck cancers occur in the womb, developing countries. Figures uterus neck cancer incidence highest in Africa of more than 45 per 100,000 people per year, followed by Southeast Asia 30-44,9 per 100,000 women each year. In Southeast Asia, the womb neck cancer ranks first among the women in the cancer, said Siswanto.

In Indonesia, it is estimated that each year there are 15,000 new cases of uterus neck cancer death rate occurred with the 7500 cases per year. Serviks cancer is cancer that occurs most often in women in Indonesia. "The high number of cancer incidence in Indonesia is a serviks health burden, economic and social for women everywhere," said the Chairman of Social Services Cancer Foundation Australia Melissa S Luwia.

Can be prevented

At the initial stage, uterus neck cancer does not show a significant clinical symptoms. Marks the occurrence of cancer among l Ain, The speck-going The speck of blood or bleeding vaginam post intimate touch, bleeding between the two cycles menstruasi or post-menopause bleeding, mucus vagina smell despite the sting has been treated for the infection of vagina.

When found early, uterus neck cancer can be treated with several methods of therapy, among others, the network operations for cancer that is still terlokalisir, radiation therapy or radiation and chemotherapy. However, more than 70 percent of self-examined in the coming stages, so many more patients died because of late found and treated, said the Chairman of the Indonesian Association gynecology Oncology Prof M Farid Aziz.

Cancer serviks actually be prevented by reducing the risk of HPV infection and spread of cancer so pre cancer. Among others, do not take turns pairing sexual relationship, the time delay sexual relationship, does not have children at very young age, using condoms during sexual relation with a pair of high risk sexually transmitted infection, balanced nutrition, and not smoking.

In addition, the women that examined self diimbau since early to know whether a normal uterus or the neck is not at once detect the phase of pre-cancer. Early detection can be done with the Pap test, a method sweep mucus neck rah im the Papanucolaou. Early detection with the Pap test in the developed countries showed satisfactory results with a lower death rate due to cancer serviks more than half.

Constraints in developing countries in this way is, the cost of the test is relatively expensive, inadequate number of experts and lack of organizing the neat. Therefore, a more simple method of practical and cheap, namely visual inspection with the statement acid (IVA) can be selected for use in screening or penapi san nationally in developing countries is growing. "This is more practical with the vaccination, enough with the injection, does not need complex equipment and have high effectiveness," he said.

The challenge is to extend terberat vaccination penga ruh vaccine that can protect against infection in the long term. Until now the new vaccine protection average 6.4 years for HPV types 16 and 18, said Siswanto. Participate in high prices prevent the expansion of vaccine immunization coverage. Price of vaccines will be cheap when it is used more widely by the government because the mass production of lower cost per person.

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Fokker-27 accidents

BANDUNG - Musing again overwrite corps national army indonesia
Air Force. After losing in Bogor Cassa planes and helicopters in Jakarta, two days before the warning to the anniversary of the 63 on 9 April will turn Fokker-27 aircraft in the fall Husein Sastranegara Airport, Jakarta, yesterday (6 / 4) at 13:05. As many as 24 soldiers died instantly.

''Allegations while the accident is the cause of bad weather. Heavy rain and lightning with the landing process,''explained Chief Staff Air Force (KSAU) Marsekal Subandrio to reporters yesterday. Bandung City yesterday that the rain was very swift. All the lightning strike in stoppage pause narrow.

According to Subandrio, the distance of approach from the control tower is only about 2 kilometers. ''The technical problem is not human beings. Because the tower clear information, the pilot landed,''he said.

However, the corps national army indonesia Air Force does not want to hurriedly concluded the main cause of the accident. That's the beginning of''allegations. Wait authorized investigation of a team is formed,''he said.

According to the Head Office of The Mabes corps national army indonesia
Air Force Marsekal Bambang Sulistyo First, the plane is a type of transport aircraft. Before the fall, led by Captain aircraft (flight) I Gede Tirta departure from the air base Halim Perdanakusuma at 07.30.

''He is in support of its mission to provide free fall combat A33. Route planes numbered tails F27/A2703 is Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma-Husein Sastranegara-Dropping Zone-Dropping-Husein Husein-Zone,''Bambang clear.

At 10:00, the first flight trainers successfully carry 17 aircraft and return safely. However, the fate befall nahas second flight that carry 18 soldiers. Airlines both fly at 12:30, but must return to the Airport Husein Sastranegara because bad weather. Time, aircraft landing Fokker-27 was successful and did not fall on the Hanggar PT DI.

Eighteen people in the 24 forces the victim is a member of the corps national army indonesia Air Force special who are qualified through a continued plunge Forum. Planes''is in good condition. Routine checks have been done,''specifically.

Fokker-27 was made in the Netherlands in 1975. Date of arrival to Indonesia on 26 September 1976. configuration main wing high-wing, so when you a landing on the runway at the base, but minimal facilities. The aircraft is also capable of landing on short runway.

In addition to personnel able to carry 40 paratroopers or a full-armed unit at the peleton, the plane was able to carry cargo. Can be used''for the civil and military cargo, medical evacuation, SAR, and command & controlon strategic special operations,''he said.

the corps national army indonesia Air Force leaders have formed a team aircraft accident investigator. Team, said Sulistyo, akan move on the four aspects of the causes of accidents in general. ''We investigation human factors causes, the environment, engine, and the system,''he said.

In separate places, the Director of Operations of PT Dirgantara Indonesia Bambang Wirastiko asserted, the incident did not cause the victim kru Hanggar. Nevertheless, some aircraft wreckage in the exposed roof Hanggar Hanggar. Namely, Deraya NC 212/200 aircraft, Boeing-737 owned by Batavia Air, Boeing-737 belonging to Adam Air, CN-235 aircraft owned by PT DI, and a helicopter unit Single Robinson.

When the incident'', the blank Hanggar crew not have that work. For, when the lunch hour,''said Bambang Express to Bandung (Jawa Pos Group) yesterday.

Deraya NC 212/200 aircraft that is being repaired, he said, the damage is quite severe. For, the plane hit the center wing aircraft fell. Batavia also has''a little damage, but not too severe,''he said.

Hanggar including severe damage. The roof is perforated by a round body Fokker which have a length of 15 meters. Iron-iron cantilever roof to sag. Metal buffer''participate burned earlier. Damage can be severe if the iron is burnt it is already weak due to a burn,''he added.

When said the loss experienced in the accident, and Bambang can not provide definitive information.

Some witnesses said, the plane nosedive and the voice sounded very loud explosion. ''At that time, I'm trying to park a vehicle in one of the mall area Pasteur. I realize there is an accident when a large explosion and fire on the big Hanggar,''Basuki said the local people.

Muhamad, other residents, convey, heavy rain that the area was flush create distance perspective dark enough. ''I can not see themselves far enough. But, I also see a big ball of fire, but flush back off because of rain,''he said.

Several hours after the accident Fokker-27 plane belonging to the the corps national army indonesia Air Force, and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called for direct General og national army indonesia Djoko Santoso. He asks for a report on the accident that killed 24 members of the the corps national army indonesia Air Force.

To the president, the military commander, while the allegations, the causes of the fall of the plane is the weather factor. President''has been ruled to be thorough investigation of the accident the plane,''the President emphatically Spokesperson Andi Mallarangeng yesterday.

SBY does not want to the corps national army indonesia Air Force is too quick a conclusion and blame the weather as the cause of the accident. Investigation is needed so that similar incidents do not recur. Also ask the President''made
feasible checks of all aircraft flying the corps national army indonesia Air Force,''he said.

Top nahas these events, according to Andi, says Soesilo Bambang Yudoyono-in deep condolence to the family of the officer and members of the the corps national army indonesia Air Force in which the victim is natural. Soesilo Bambang Yudoyono hopes the victim's family may face a trial, is resilient.

Last night, Genderal of national army indonesia Djoko Santoso to remove the corpse, which is six crew Skuadron 2 to Pangkalan Halim Perdanakusuma. One of them is Lettu (flyer) Yudho Pramono Pangdam who is the son of Iskandar Muda Mayjen Soenarko.

According to the plan, this day (7 / 4) held a ceremony in honor Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma. Some victims also akan diterbangkan to Madiun and Malang. (rdl / tom / rie / jpnn / iro)

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Situ Gintung, Disaster Management and Bureaucracy

Friday early morning (27 / 3), at around 3:00, they say, many people Cirendeu village, Tangerang, who heard the very loud roaring sound. Sound that comes from the embankment Situ Gintung. Artificial embankment in the Netherlands 1932-1933 is perforated 12 meters. Approximately 2.1 million cubic meters of water over any settlement that is located below the embankment. Flood hack Situ village Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang. At 4:00, people began to flee. Water continues to escalate. At 5:00, many people began to ascend the roof to the house.

Area of ten hectares (ha) in Cirendeu destroyed by the flood due. Embankment collapse even more at around 13:00. Broken-down dam there was getting worse so the sink and wipe the houses and destroy the surrounding housing in the village and village Poncol Gintung. Floods are also the large Housing Estate Bukit Pratama Permai Cirendeu located on the edge Pesanggrahan Times.

Disaster Management

Buskin Situ Gintung not apart from lack of government attention in the management / governance of water management. Specifically, there are three negative attitudes and behavior of the related authorities in the management of the disaster on the tragedy Situ Gintung . First, the pattern of thought or attitude (mindset) and behavior that are less responsive to the development of symptoms natural. Second, the lack of management / maintenance of water resources infrastructure. Third, the low quality of decision making in the disaster prevention.

It seems that the relevant authorities long ignored the development of nature which have resulted in heavy burden Situ Gintung water as control. The occurrence of anomalies such as rainfall, so that the debit of water exceeds the capacity there.

With such natural conditions, the government should respond quickly to provide immediate reporting to the people or the people because there is water debit escalation of extremes. Speed associated with the reporting of early warning system (EWS) has been developed in Indonesia post-tsunami Aceh. As a local river (DAS) in the area of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Cianjur (Jabodetabekjur), the areas prone to flood disaster have been properly monitored by the government.

However, the increase could be the recording surface of the water in Situ Gintung periodically escape from the attention so that flood water had not notified to residents around the lake.

Can be, swamps (as the water park area) Situ Gintung allowed authorities to diuruk for the sake of economy. If you do not get permission, how to control matter? As a result, the swamps of the far reduced. In fact, the trees (as a water trap) ditebangi so the more the population dwindle.

Meanwhile, the increasing burden pendangkalan and there cause the water pressure is increasingly heavy. Thus, when hujannya high rainfall, water peluberan occur, even levee erosion.

Strength of the embankment should we see contextually. Gintung there are in the area of water governance Ciangke-DAS Pesanggrahan. Drastic changes of physical conditions and land use in watershed areas impacting on the embankment so that the power can not afford to keep the flow of river water Pesanggrahan.

Instead, forest area in the upstream region that functions as a water infiltration more be diminished building. As a result, the flow of water to Situ Gintung so quickly, and bring more land. Therefore, the process skin-deep going there because the more rapid sedimentation and solid.

Not a problem management / management there. Because the minimum-maintenance are not worn and dam-Situ Gintung no longer capable of holding water debit overload.

With age there 77 years old (built in the Netherlands in 1932), is far day the government tries to take the steps or actions antisipatif to reduce the burden Situ Gintung .

Two of the most basic action is the maintenance dredging to maintain the ideal depth and resilience of levee maintenance possible escalation of pressure because of heavy burden luberan water.

Around the area Situ Gintung no irregularities in land use. The function of agricultural land as infiltration / made into water catchment area settlements. Why in the upstream / downstream stand hundreds of homes in settlements? In fact, the position of dam lake is higher than the settlement area. Reading conditions such areas, large clear danger can threaten at any time.

Should be lamented the slowness of the response-related authorities when the report came about conditions there. Decision making can be in the form of a rapid response to symptoms or a sudden attitude to prevent the various threats that can come at any time. For example, prohibits the downstream area Situ Gintung made settlements.

Of course it is not an easy. For, the problems associated with psychosocial and culture. However, it should remain prohibited because an important part of management action to prevent the disaster.

Disaster Bureaucracy

The task of the bureaucracy that is authorized to monitor and treat Situ Gintung are: first, identify the impact on the environment around there, because the area is already developed into tourist areas. Second, to predict the impact that could arise and strength / endurance embankment. Third, to evaluate sedimentation rate, age-related danger there, and the implications for the housing / construction in the surrounding areas and how much mitigation efforts have been made.

Mitigation is needed to minimize negative impact, improve, and enlarge the positive impact, both technical and non-(nonstruktural). In order to mitigate, sophisticated equipment is available. For example, tools for mapping (including shooting the air) and the laboratory to check the level of sedimentation. Of the officer also has a sophisticated computer to store, process, and a display-data.

Situ Gintung tragedy shows, related authorities during this very minimal mitigation tasks. Function over land is often associated with cases of bribe / corruption. Hence, the broken-down embankment Situ Gintung is a bureaucratic disaster. Thus, it should be a very expensive lesson that similar cases do not occur in the future. Properly, we can not only build a vibrant without the added maintenance professionally.

* Suparmono, construction management of water resources, irrigation former Director General of the Department of Public Works.

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Global Warming

A hot day and suddenly changed to cold, the seasons change we can make sure regardless of the month to month, are probably due to one small example of global warming.

But people do not realize that heating occurs because of ulah us. small example that we never realized "defecate". every day from all over the earth will do, of which we dispose of sewage each day is the "Metan Gas" is one of menipisnya cause of the ozone layer that protects the earth.

Then the "smoke" the cigarette it is also still do not know that they are also a significant contributor of carbon dioxide, for example, 30% of people on the earth every 1 person in one day smoking cigarettes 1 is how much carbon dioxide in the output, not to mention the carbon dioxide in the output of smoke vehicles, factories and natural factors such as forest fires are intentional or not.

In fact if we can reduce the things that are above certain global warming will be our atasi slowly, with a healthy way of life, such as not smoking, reducing the use of vehicles that use fossil fuels, the factory also reduce the use of fossil fuels, and tiller of the tradition of burning the forest to open new land.

Other things can we do to increase production of oxygen with the road as much as possible to plant a tree in the tree because we can breathe in carbon dioxide and oxygen mengelurakan in the afternoon.

Let's save the earth with the things that are easy and cheap to start from ourselves, our homes and the environment around us. We are aware of what we do is we may be part of the person who can save the earth

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The Welfare State

Campaigns of political parties has ended. Which we live must specify attitudes, to which akan mencontrengkan choice later on 9 April. Although many do not believe the promise of a political party, we should read the various promises that have been presented. This is so that we do not regret because it was wrong to vote. Moreover, at this time we live in the midst of global economic crisis is serious. With so many choices will bring consequences on economic policy in the future.

The crisis has over the world and damage the economy of a society we create more suffering. Not surprising if in the event of a surgical book Go Welfare State written Siswono Husodo judo in Semarang last week, appearing in many complaints and dissatisfaction of the discussion participants living conditions of the nation at this time. Indonesia is the nation's independence more than 63 years it still has not reached goal independence. Namely, the community developed, just, and prosperous. In fact, we are increasingly left behind from the neighboring countries, like Malaysia and Singapura.Dari discussion concluded that it is considered the nation we can not be advanced, prosperous, and sejatera is due to mismanagement, especially in the field of economics. Peter Drucker, a leading management expert said,''There is no under-developed country, there is only under-managed country.''

Although the life of Indonesian society is still far from the dream, it appeared that many children of the nation concerned with the future of their country. They need to understand that a change in economic management if you want to achieve the ideals-citanya. Welfare state was diimpikan by many who attended the discussion. However, skepticism that the nation will able to achieve this ideal, there is also citanya. Therefore, it is interesting to know whether the people of Indonesia will never reach the dream? Or will it simply a dream that dream.

Mandate of the Constitution

Our Constitution, whether amended before or after, the welfare state mandate as ideals of the founders of the nation's written in the stem or body of the 1945 Constitution. Although amended, our economic system was socialist market has shifted to be in it because the social elements appear capitalism. Diakuinya such as private property rights protected by the state (Article 4 paragraph 28H).

In addition, the shifting economic system can be seen in the chapter that includes the national economy and welfare of the people listed in chapter XIV article with the title''33 Economy and the National People's Welfare''. In paragraph 4 of efficiency appear berkeadilan, providing space for bekerjanya market mechanism, which required an economy. Despite the achievement of efficiency should not leave the elements of justice. Similarly the importance of self-reliance and sustainability in the economy is mandated in the paragraph. In addition, the rights of citizens are protected in the economic state. Of them, the rights citizens have the same opportunity to run the economic activity to be worthy of living.

This review of different views that there is a significant shift in the economy post-amendment constitution us. Although the market mechanism is diakomodasi in our constitution, should not be overlooked that the sosialismenya also strong. As seen from the verses of chapter 34. Written in paragraph (1) poor and neglected children are kept by the state. Added the amendment in paragraph (2) develop the State social security system for all people and empower communities that weak and unable to match the dignity of humanity. Therefore, paragraph (3) the State is responsible for the provision of health services facilities and facilities worthy of public services.

In the basic rule is shown that the economic system should we use is socialist market economy, it should follow that penyelenggaraannya welfare state. Countries that embrace welfare state, according to Sir William Beveridge, the state must guarantee terpenuhinya income, health, education, housing, and jobs for the people. That is clear in all articles and verses of our constitution. However, Indonesia is still far from the dream.


Indonesia since independence until now still can not make the constitution as a living constitution. Setting economic policy and not based on the rules in the articles and verse verses. Management of the Indonesian economy away from providing economic prosperity of the country. Social security system that is still ad hoc and are not limited to community groups that protect the bottom. Likewise the liberal economic management we still encountered, see the laws of capital. In addition, the Indonesian nation is not independent, dependent on foreign countries, both in the capital, food, and energy. The Constitution has not become a guide in penyeleggaraan economic.

This review of different views that there is a significant shift in the economy post-amendment constitution us. Although the market mechanism is diakomodasi in our constitution, should not be overlooked that the sosialismenya also strong. As seen from the verses of chapter 34. Written in paragraph (1) poor and neglected children are kept by the state. Added the amendment in paragraph (2) develop the State social security system for all people and empower communities that weak and unable to match the dignity of humanity. Therefore, paragraph (3) the State is responsible for the provision of health services facilities and facilities worthy of public services.

In the basic rule is shown that the economic system should we use is socialist market economy, it should follow that penyelenggaraannya welfare state. Countries that embrace welfare state, according to Sir William Beveridge, the state must guarantee terpenuhinya income, health, education, housing, and jobs for the people. That is clear in all articles and verses of our constitution. However, Indonesia is still far from the dream.


Indonesia since independence until now still can not make the constitution as a living constitution. Setting economic policy and not based on the rules in the articles and verse verses. Management of the Indonesian economy away from providing economic prosperity of the country. Social security system that is still ad hoc and are not limited to community groups that protect the bottom. Likewise the liberal economic management we still encountered, see the laws of capital. In addition, the Indonesian nation is not independent, dependent on foreign countries, both in the capital, food, and energy. The Constitution has not become a guide in penyeleggaraan economic.

*) By: Sri Adiningsih, Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics UGM Jogjakarta

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Education to promote Indonesia

WHEN this article was written, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) are in London, UK. He just holds bilateral meeting with British PM, Gordon Brown. President SBY is in the UK to attend the G-20 meeting on 1-2 April.

G-20 meeting that has 20 countries of the world leaders are important and strategic complexity to solve the world economy, especially in the midst of the economic crisis experienced by many countries as at present. So important and strategic meeting, only if reasonable and many leaders of countries, including Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso and President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama, scheduled menghadirinya.

As a note, members of the group G-20 or The Group of Twenty (G-20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in each of South Africa, Argentina, USA, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Eopa Union. Goal G-20 formation is the complexity of the world economy and the economic gap between developed countries with developing countries and countries behind.

Education gap

If we read the history, economic development groups formed G-20 is happening in the economic gap between many countries in the world. Group of developed countries like U.S. and Japan generally have a strong economic performance and result in the welfare of his people, while economic performance in developing countries such as Indonesia and India is still "flat flowers" erratic, especially in countries such as Myanmar and left behind ethiopia. Welfare of developing countries and the people left behind are still generally "flat flowers" too.

Gaps also occurred in the education world. With the support of information technology (information technology) that serbacanggih, the development of education in developed countries melesat rapid vessel separated from the shaft busurnya. Conversely, without support of adequate information technology, the development of education in developing countries and countries behind tertatih-bak tatih pickaback stiff objections of the burden.

Illustration konkretnya let's see CYNDOC current edition of publication 27 January 2009. In this publication the ten universities that most good (the best ten) all in the U.S., the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (to-1), Stanford University (to-2), Harvard University (to-3), University of California Berkeley (4th), Cornell University (to-5), University of Michigan (to-6), California Institute of Tecnology (to-7), University of Minnesota (to 8), University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (to - 9), and University of Texas Austin (to 10).

Now we see the latest publications Times. In the October 27 edition of the publication in 2008 defined the ten best universities as follows: Harvard University, USA (to-1), Yale University, USA (to-2), University of Cambridge, UK (3rd), University of Oxford, UK ( to-4), California Institute of Technology, USA (to-5), Imperial College London, UK (to-6), Uni-versity College London, UK (to-7), University of Chicago, USA (to-8 ), MIT, USA (9th), and Columbia University, USA (to 10).

If we see other versions of publications such as ARWU, SJTU, etc., will produce the same conclusions; the best universities are always filled by developed countries. For middle-level education and primary education is the same result.

Why does it happen? Because education in the developed countries are supported with information technology facilities are adequate, a more professional human resources, funds more loose, and everything is more adequate than the developing countries and backward. With such criteria, in half a century to come is almost impossible universities and schools in developing countries can be at the top of the stairs, especially in backward countries.

That fact is all have concrete evidence of a gap in the education world. Ironically, the longer the gap is even more severe.

Form a Group

If the economy to solve the complex economic groups have the G-20, to solve the complexity of education groups can be formed G-20 education as well.

With education groups, each member can make a productive sharing. Developed countries like the U.S. can transmit control information technology to developing countries and backward; the developing countries such as Indonesia can juangnya to transmit the spirit of forward and backward country. On the other hand countries such as Ethiopia aftermost can transmit to the philosophy of education developed and developing countries.

In circumstances such as now, may be very difficult to find countries that would form the initiative group for education. Developed countries may feel the education is not a priority because they have been able to run their own education without the assistance of others; the country also are reluctant to do behind the initiative want to even if not necessarily able to follow up the interesting and developed countries.

In circumstances like this it has very big opportunity for berinisiasi. What is the word people, Indonesia is now senyatanya respected and considered starting role by developed countries, and on the other hand on the side of the dimesrai by developing countries, is also respected by the state and diunggulkan behind.

If India want to declare a formal initiative to form a group of education such as the G-20, and supported by other countries after a productive, educational Indonesia akan considered by the people of the world

*. Prof. Dr. Ki Supriyoko, tutor Tamansiswa, Vice President of the Pan-Pacific Association of Private Education (Pape) in Japan, and former Secretary of the National Commission (Komnas) Indonesia Education

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Float in the air

Float in the air, it is one of the tricks in peragakan by ilusionis. they are clever in doing tricks, especially through the air tricks are tricks that are not reasonable but it is entertainment that is spectacular and very entertaining.

Bird, butterfly and many more examples of animals that can float in the air. indeed it is from the original as they can fly, because they are provided with a means to fly the body that is embedded in the wings.

Just imagine people could fly in the air with the help of a stick, if we think the sense is very impossible to happen ilusionis it is a matter that is not foreign to us anymore but the common people that is very difficult.

this is evidenced by a ilusionis daughter Claudia Pacheco aka Inca are seated show''float''in the square the capital city Lima, Peru .. He only assisted a stick that looks like bamboo. Youtube on the site, such tricks have been revealed. That is, the yogi from India who was sitting in the chair''''one-legged walking stick. However, the trick is making it's fixed. You are also right?

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BALIKPAPAN - sea transportation accidents occur in indonesia again, yesterday on 02 april 2009 at 12:30 WITA, cargo ships, cargo without Dillah Ocean VI burned in the distance about 500 m from Semayang Port, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Suspected to originate from the fire engine drawer anchor.

There is no sacrifice of the soul in the fire. But, the material losses estimated at Rp 1 billion more.

sea transport equipment weighing 1,500 gross tons (GT) since August 2007 is anchored in the waters around the port because of engine damage. The plan, ships belonging to PT Samudra Dillah, shipping company, were returned to Makassar for improved. the plan would dance on the ship by delay, this information obtained from the child witness the ship that time he accompanied the other six crew Polair Polda Kaltim.Sebelum repatriation ship, the ship kru check engine condition drawer anchor. Since damage to machinery, ships, anchors never turned on again. According to the origin of man, the smoke thick enough out of the diesel engine when turned on.

afternoon rest time, children are the fruit of ships rest on the front of the boat to see the fire from the spirited engine stern to the right. They are trying to put out the fire extinguisher equipment kebakarang on the ship. because the fire is big enough effort that is so useless.
They then ask for help through a speedboat near the red and white ship was to call the tugboat fire in the Port of Semayang. Lapse of 30 minutes, 6 tugboat fire to come to the rescue of the child and the ship put out the blazing fire that is large enough.

Fire ship must be a valuable lesson for the shipyard to not just receive a report in writing any physical condition and boat engines. and quencher are eligible, so there is no fire boat.

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Canary bird sound has a very unique, why do I say unique because of the canary bird in once she can bring a lot of character voice as ro ro ro ro, ri ri ri ri, tit tit tit and much more

Kenari can chatter all day, they rest only to eat and drink. canary that loud voice and a lot of type is the type of male canary in pairs, while the canary female pairs tend to be muted and still lower (monoton) as crit. . . crit

Male canary chirp akan harder and more varied when they entered the season of marriage, female canary akan more interested in the male canary to the volume of loud voices and have a good libretto.

Chantey canary male also influenced by having a speech impediment that the canary female, if the volume being male canary (not too hard) having a speech impediment that usually does not produce too large, but if the volume of the male canary akan influence in having a speech impediment who spend, having a speech impediment akan more big.

Walnut tree having a speech impediment that would affect the big birds that hatch the child, the greater the nestling hatch akan affect the continuity of life nestling, nestling great akan an adult bird that is also great, the influence on the sound produced from these birds.

unique-unique canary bird much more. I will post again later

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Suramadu bridge

Suramadu bridge will be one of the icon east of java. This bridge connecting Surabaya and Madura, the installation is done with the main span bridge suramadu declared done.

process the main span was carried out last night at 23:20, which was attended by several government officials and guests. on the mark with a push button then immediately process the main span.

the main span is estimated to be completed in June 2009 in the future, this means that within a period of 4 months aktivitaas future economy will be going better for madurada and indonesia and surabaya especially in general.

suramadu bridge will improve the economy of the community, as there will be a new business which will certainly increase the income community.

let's take a glance habituate characteristics suramadu 5.4-kilometer bridge, Located at the edge position (on the right and left). The width of each 2.75 meters. Total width of the bridge itself reached 30 meters (2 x 15 meters).

now let's pray together so that the continuation of the process running smoothly and does not meet the constraints, which means

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Reservoir Situgintung

Embankment Situ Gintung perforated like a tsunami that occurred, morning that chilling day of bad weather, there gintung levee that is the longer the leak gets worse especially when the weather is heavy rain and hail in sertai. with the condition of this embankment gintung that there have been forty years the only treatment to get sober, might have been saturated to receive the many pressures eventually could not have been holding more. this is in fact already be around but by the residents to return to natural factors.
Perforated situgintung embankment behind the suffering that many will not be forgotten, the hundred people lost their houses, property and family. Children who lost fathers and mothers, mothers and fathers who lost their children.grief is not only felt by the residents of the affected but felt by all citizens of the world and indonesia.
We can see from the assistance provided from the various sections of the community such as food, clothing worthy life, medicine and other assistance is still stout. Disaster response center that stands that help convey the shape of food, clothing worthy life, medicine is more than enough. now about the problem of where to stay, they can not survive too long in tents which have now, they can not hold late in the dumps.
They want to build a new life again with the remnants of ability. they wait for help from the hands of our government and especially the location of funds and new dwelling

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new posting

This is my first posting in blog. I want around the world with my blog, I wish to convey our appreciation to all those who have supported me, so my blog can be created. in fact I have long wanted to go to the blog world due to limited time and opportunity that I can not.

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