High heeled shoes

Every woman surely feel sexy when wear high heeled shoes. Not only make the body more visible, but also make feet feel better levels. However, wear high heeled shoes can also harmful to the health and beauty legs. To help you to be more comfortable when put on high heeled shoes, the following tips

1. When buying high heeled shoes, always make sure that proper size. May sound trivial, but try to remember again, you do have the right shoes make feet high that you are too decadent to the front, and leave the heels you just loose? High heeled shoes that do not quite fit with the fitting body can make you focus on the front foot, the pressure in the finger. So, look for high heeled shoes that can
heels part comfortable with your heel.

2. Use a pillow. Do you feel your heel heat and abrasions when standing too long with the high heeled shoes? This is usually caused by shoes that do not have enough cushion. For problems when using high heeled shoes that are already favored bought it, just use the right pillow for shoes made of high Silicon many circulating in the market. Forms such as gel, capable of absorbing impact and vibration during standing or walking using a high heeled shoes.

3. Use the right footwear for high stability thick. Rights a more bold (Wedge) be able to give better balance and relieve a little pressure because the weight of your body and not spread on the narrow one point only. Changing the right shoes occasionally, or replace the high heeled shoes with slippers when in the office can also prevent muscle pain tendon.

4. High heeled shoes, there are several different levels of the land of other shoes. Despite having the same rights, the length of the shoes can also be pain in the foot. If the length between the ends of the front to the back of the shoes less, perforce, have to bend your legs slightly, and this will cause problems that are not sick in the comfortable high heeled shoes. So, do not forget to consider things like this

5. If you are prone to callous or blister, either because you have legs the shape and size that is not public, then Meet your doctor for a consultation. Requested input on what type of high heeled shoes that are appropriate for you. If you have no way, look for shoes, equipped with a rope to avoid the minimal friction in the shoe can cause a callous

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It is distressing!

If you treat it well, he thinks you love him.
If not, you will be spelled out proud.

If you dress nice, you think he is trying to
seduce him.
If not, he says you plebeian.

If you argue with it, he says you hard head.
If you remain silent, he says you do not have a brain.

If you smarter than him, he will lose face.
If he is smarter, he says he is most intense.

If you do not love him, he will try to get yourself.
If you mencintainya, he will try to leave yourself.

If you let him masalahmu, if you pester him.
If not, he says you do not trust them.

If you choosy on him, you spelled out as a tutor for him.
But if he is choosy to you, it's because he's attention.

If you violate the promise, you can not be trusted.
If he deny that his promise, he was forced to do so because.

If you smoke, you are a wild girl!
But what he is smoking, he was a gentleman, WUIIHHH ..!

If you hurt him, you spelled women cruel.
But if he is hurt yourself, he says that just because you are too
sensitive and too difficult to be made happy !!!!!

If you send this to the guy-guy, they will surely swear, if
this is not correct.
But if you do not send this to them, you will lose
opportunity to say
they are selfish!

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At the age of 14 years, have a guy approach, really tired of hiding.
At the age of 24 years, that there is no approach, quite tired understand.

My boyfriend simulate drunk and take me back to the house, really tired rejects.
My boyfriend really drunk and vomiting on the floor, really tired cleared.

There are loans that money to my boyfriend, I fear they do not pay, really tired, and worry him.
my boyfriend borrow money with other people, other people really afraid to charge with debt, tired to worry himself.

Birth to a boy I like children afraid of his father does not have the
future, the children really tired.
Birth to a daughter, misguided as he was afraid his mother, with its tired.

Husband puppy time again, every day must be economical, really tired.
Husband many times more money, fearing he was outside of the study is not good,
really tired.

Husband is too sharp, in the streets there is always the guy who surreptitiously view,
I am tired.
Husband is too ugly, every exit on the road, really tired should explain to people what he is not

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Avoiding Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is shut off, if not treated quickly and intensive information received from the MOH website says there are 6 million new cancer patients each year in the world. Each year the number of people with cancer in the world increased 6.25 million people. In developing countries, each year there were 100 cancer patients per 100,000 of population.

Associated with the data we gather, and if the publications issued Hospital National Cancer Center on the 10 way Dharmais Avoiding Cancer:

1. Stop smoking.
Smoking is the main cancer and tuberculosis is almost 30 percent to cause the occurrence of other types of cancer. If smoking in the house it will cause terpaparnya throughout the home, including children, with cigarette smoke causes disease and respiratory channels.

2. Avoid the sun
Excessive sunlight can cause skin cancer. For that protect your skin with sun block, use a long sleeved shirt and a hat or umbrell
a in the blazing sun shine.

3. Reduce fat content in food
Foods that contain lots of fat causes increased body weight and obesity. This is a cause of cancer in the uterus, gall uterus, breast, and kolon. Control body weight with a balanced diet and sports akan reduce your risk of cancer is affected.

4. More fibrous food
Wheat, rice, vegetables, and fruits is a natural source of fiber that is very good and protect you from cancer kolorektal. Foods that contain lots of fiber such as wheat bread, bran, corn, rice, spinach, potatoes, apples, peer, and tomatoes should be consumed regularly every day.

5. Reduce consumption of foods that smoked, burned, and preserved with nitrit
Oesofagus stomach cancer and is often found in countries that many of the people who consume foods processed with evaporation and preserved with nitrit. Burnt food in the womb is known substanc
es that increase the risk of cancer higher.

6. Choose foods that contain lots of vitamins A and C
Natural vitamins and other important substances in the vegetables and fruits can protect us from cancer oesofagus, laring, stomach and tuberculosis. Orange, banana, mango, papaya, tomatoes, fruit and other tropical fruit, carrot and broccoli is a source of vitamins and vital substances-substances.

7. Consumption of more vegetables the cabbage
Research shows that vegetables are included in the cabbage, such as cabbage, broccoli, cabbage flower, bak choy, and kale can protect you from stomach cancer, and cancer kolorektal channel breath.

8. Avoid alcoholic beverages
Consume alc
ohol in the number of affected many high-risk liver cancer and stomach. Smoking with the drinking of alcohol increases the risk of cancer of a very large mouth, throat, laring and oesofagus.

9. Self-check regularly
Recommended for women to do pap smear, breast self examination as well as with mammografi to detect cancer of the womb and breast collar. While for the men examined rajinlah to escape from danger prostat cancer and testis cancer.

10. Patterns of living a balanced
Eat enough and balanced nutrition, a balanced use of time between work, rest, recreation and sports, and always approach to the Lord can reduce the risk of occurrence of cancer.

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"Let's stop smoking"

90 percent of tuberculosis and cancer 30 percent of other cancers can be prevented with a stop smoking suck. After conducting a study published by the National Cancer Center Hospital Dharmais says, then it appears from a sentence that is not new "Let's stop smoking"

There are some things that we can get to the stop smoking, some benefits are first, with no more smoke means we reduce the risk of heart attack infected, tuberculosis cancer, tuberculosis disease chronicles, obstruktif, stroke, stomach tukak, fetus growth restriction, pregnancy interruption and childbirth, and infertilitas impotence, and osteoporosis.

Diseases are automatically attack us, because there is a cigarette rod at least 4000 chemicals, 400 of them toxic, and approximately 40 of which can cause cancer. There are 3 the most dangerous poisons, namely nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Nicotine, which only takes 10 seconds to reach the brain makes us addicted.

Second, breathe more easily and have better stamina. Third, we save the expense of buying cigarettes. If we spend a day in one packet of cigarettes, then approximately we will save $ 5,000 a year. If more than one packet, the more savings we do.
Fourth, utility expenses and insurance payments. Fifth, have a more clean teeth, breath, clothes, rooms, houses, and cars that do not smell.

Sixth, this is very important to stop smoking that we save the people around us who do not smoke, especially children and our wives. Because active smokers smoke only 25 percent of cigarette smoke coming from the edge of a burn, while the other 75 percent is given to people who do not smoke.

Children of parents with active smokers at risk of suffering from the breath, such as asthma, twice more than the child whose parent does not smoke. Preparing to quit smoking should start with the intention and motivation is strong.

than some of the things that have been mentioned above there are no less important, if we stop cigarette smoke means we reduce the carbon dioxide released by the cigarette. That means that we also reduce the damage to the ozone layer that cause global warming.

So, turn off your cigarette, cigarette before you kill!

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Important marine moment opened

Today is a very historic moment Ocean World Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit 2009 has opened in Manado Convention Center (MCC), to 4 days to come, so many things that will determine the sustainability of nature under the sea and especially in our world in general.

Many marine problems are not our own opportunity to reflect that. we are very grateful to those who still regard the preservation of nature and especially on coral reefs and how so that we do not always depend on the nature of life is now, with the World Ocean Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit 2009. Not only that we can enjoy the natural beauty beneath the sea and the fish that we enjoy but also our children and grandchildren will feel it's all in the future.

Therefore let us fully support the implementation of the World Ocean Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit in 2009, with support from us automatically, we also will provide an opportunity in the generai of us to enjoy the sea and its contents.

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indonesia is a country with a large sea area that is larger than on the mainland, with a great sea automatically have that many coral reefs, and coral reefs in the process aslimilasi may be possible to absorb carbon (carbon sinks).

"the issue of absorption of carbon through the media this coral reef should be a topic main discussion in the Conference Marine World or the World Ocean Conference (WOC)and the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) in Manado, 11-14 May 2009 "was presented
Kurnaen Sumadiharga (Researcher field Oseanografi Indonesian Institute of Science

He explains, fotosintesa process may be done by the plants that have leaves or chlorophyll klorofil. According to him, coral reefs consist of elements from the animals called coral polyp that do mutualisme symbiosis with plants alga, the green seaweed.

"This alga plants do indeed fotosintesa process, even in the water," he said. Fotosintesa process, he said, require carbon dioxide (CO2) and sunlight, then produce oxygen (O2), water and sugar. The CO2 which is the main material fotosintesa process, he said, is also available in the sea.

He said that, at night, while coral reefs do not asimilasi, this plant would produce CO2. "Carbon is produced at night is what becomes the main material of a fotosintesa process," he said.

Therefore, he continued, the existence of coral reefs should be maintained and utilized as well as possible to anticipate the change of climate at this time is not stabilized.

Deputy Assistant Damage Control of Marine and Coastal Conservation Improvement Deputy Natural Resources State of the Ministry of the Environment Revelation Indraningsih menuturkan, the existence of coral reefs in Indonesia should be strongly guarded. According to him, other than caused by the use of explosive materials, global climate change some time this is also one of the causes of damage to coral reefs.

He says, result in climate change to increase sea-water temperature. "The temperature of sea water rose 2-3 degrees Celsius in two consecutive days caused damage to coral reefs," he said. Conditions such as this, he continued, also has begun, there are indications in the territory of Indonesia.

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Full benefits of the chicken

DQY Ecological Farm, is one of the farms in china that has two types of industry that is the main supplier of organic eggs for Beijing, also has been providing electricity supply to the capital city. electricity is obtained from chicken feces. News of China Daily, Monday (4 / 5).

From chicken feces that is produced, the resulting electricity capacity reached 14,600 megawatt each year, with a capacity of 14,600 megawatt farm is able to meet the electricity needs of 10,000 families in Beijing, Tianjin, and rural Mongolia autonomous region in North China.

Ecological Farm DQY installing the first gas engine in China in August 2008 to generate electricity and heat. to produce 80,000 tons of chicken feces earned each year. Ecological Farm DQY keep 3 million chickens in the farm management. Use of bio-gas for producing electricity that is connected from the former source is heated by coal, livestock DQY reduce the CO2 gas out to 95,000 tons each year. farm is very productive and one way to reduce global warming because it can reduce the CO2 gas out. Of eggs produced, electricity from livestock waste that is very good to develop in the "Our Company is planning to develop a model in other parts of the country is," said Gu Qing, deputy leader of livestock.

DQY foreign capital is a company with registered capital 208 million yuan. Livestock produce 71 percent of the organic egg market in Beijing. Stakeholders Deqingyuan consists of the Beijing Science and Technology Co. Ltd, GEF-Global Environment Fund which is based in the U.S., Biz Inno Agriculture from Hong Kong, Shanghai Yibei Management Consultancy Company, a member of the World Bank, Finance Corporation, and six each man.

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"Influenza A (H1N1)" is not "SWINE FLU"

Important announcement issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), Thursday (30 / 4), the world body will not longer use the term "swine flu" refers to it in and choose to take the influenza virus as a new "influenza A" (H1N1).

"On the day of Thursday 30 April 2009, WHO will call the new influenza virus as influenza A (H1N1) not the" swine flu ", said the World Health Organization (WHO short notice in the broadcast by the network's internet.

World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly stressed that the people can not be infected by this new virus with only consume the pork is cooked well and in accordance with the recommendation.

"In fact, although the virus originated from animal pigs, we do not believe that people will be infected by pigs," said WHO Assistant Director-General Keiji Fukuda who served on the environmental health and safety.

"This really is a virus that spread from human to human. Therefore, we think the action of handling food, eating pork will not cause danger to people," Fukuda said to reporters.

Previously made from Washington, U.S. officials argued the name change for the flu pigs.

In a
adjudgment, Minister of Security Affairs to U.S. Janet Napolitano and the Minister of Agriculture Tom Vilsack with heavy hearts repeatedly mentions the flu as the "H1N1 virus".

"This is not a disease transmitted by food, but the virus. E
mendation Not exactly as swine flu seriously because it is not the case," said Vilsack.

Israel already rejected the first swine flu name and select the call "Mexican flu", because the virus is more infectious in the country in Mexico. Law about food in the Jewish religion for bids eating pork

WHO that is based in Paris has also made his objections with the name and say, viruses that contain elements of poultry and human viruses. So far, no pigs were found suffering from disease.

In addition, there is a growing feeling in the agricultural sector to call North America, although the virus specialist, Anthony Fauci, said in a Senate hearing on the opinion that the draft "swine flu" reflects the scientific naming protocol.

For pork producers in the U.S., the flu so that the pigs have been hurt the government officials take the attitude that asserts the United States safe pork eaten and other countries need not prohibit the import of pork United States.

Price pork, soybean, and maize has
come off in a few days later. If this continues, of course, have great potential. That is why it is important to align, said Vilsack.

At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also have to talk to remove the word "pig" from the name of the swine flu official said CDC Director Richard Besser lead to wrong interpretation that the disease can be from pigs.

"It's not profitable for pork producers. That's not helpful to the people who eat pork. That's no help for people who wonder how they can be infected with this," said Besser.

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