Fokker-27 accidents

BANDUNG - Musing again overwrite corps national army indonesia
Air Force. After losing in Bogor Cassa planes and helicopters in Jakarta, two days before the warning to the anniversary of the 63 on 9 April will turn Fokker-27 aircraft in the fall Husein Sastranegara Airport, Jakarta, yesterday (6 / 4) at 13:05. As many as 24 soldiers died instantly.

''Allegations while the accident is the cause of bad weather. Heavy rain and lightning with the landing process,''explained Chief Staff Air Force (KSAU) Marsekal Subandrio to reporters yesterday. Bandung City yesterday that the rain was very swift. All the lightning strike in stoppage pause narrow.

According to Subandrio, the distance of approach from the control tower is only about 2 kilometers. ''The technical problem is not human beings. Because the tower clear information, the pilot landed,''he said.

However, the corps national army indonesia Air Force does not want to hurriedly concluded the main cause of the accident. That's the beginning of''allegations. Wait authorized investigation of a team is formed,''he said.

According to the Head Office of The Mabes corps national army indonesia
Air Force Marsekal Bambang Sulistyo First, the plane is a type of transport aircraft. Before the fall, led by Captain aircraft (flight) I Gede Tirta departure from the air base Halim Perdanakusuma at 07.30.

''He is in support of its mission to provide free fall combat A33. Route planes numbered tails F27/A2703 is Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma-Husein Sastranegara-Dropping Zone-Dropping-Husein Husein-Zone,''Bambang clear.

At 10:00, the first flight trainers successfully carry 17 aircraft and return safely. However, the fate befall nahas second flight that carry 18 soldiers. Airlines both fly at 12:30, but must return to the Airport Husein Sastranegara because bad weather. Time, aircraft landing Fokker-27 was successful and did not fall on the Hanggar PT DI.

Eighteen people in the 24 forces the victim is a member of the corps national army indonesia Air Force special who are qualified through a continued plunge Forum. Planes''is in good condition. Routine checks have been done,''specifically.

Fokker-27 was made in the Netherlands in 1975. Date of arrival to Indonesia on 26 September 1976. configuration main wing high-wing, so when you a landing on the runway at the base, but minimal facilities. The aircraft is also capable of landing on short runway.

In addition to personnel able to carry 40 paratroopers or a full-armed unit at the peleton, the plane was able to carry cargo. Can be used''for the civil and military cargo, medical evacuation, SAR, and command & controlon strategic special operations,''he said.

the corps national army indonesia Air Force leaders have formed a team aircraft accident investigator. Team, said Sulistyo, akan move on the four aspects of the causes of accidents in general. ''We investigation human factors causes, the environment, engine, and the system,''he said.

In separate places, the Director of Operations of PT Dirgantara Indonesia Bambang Wirastiko asserted, the incident did not cause the victim kru Hanggar. Nevertheless, some aircraft wreckage in the exposed roof Hanggar Hanggar. Namely, Deraya NC 212/200 aircraft, Boeing-737 owned by Batavia Air, Boeing-737 belonging to Adam Air, CN-235 aircraft owned by PT DI, and a helicopter unit Single Robinson.

When the incident'', the blank Hanggar crew not have that work. For, when the lunch hour,''said Bambang Express to Bandung (Jawa Pos Group) yesterday.

Deraya NC 212/200 aircraft that is being repaired, he said, the damage is quite severe. For, the plane hit the center wing aircraft fell. Batavia also has''a little damage, but not too severe,''he said.

Hanggar including severe damage. The roof is perforated by a round body Fokker which have a length of 15 meters. Iron-iron cantilever roof to sag. Metal buffer''participate burned earlier. Damage can be severe if the iron is burnt it is already weak due to a burn,''he added.

When said the loss experienced in the accident, and Bambang can not provide definitive information.

Some witnesses said, the plane nosedive and the voice sounded very loud explosion. ''At that time, I'm trying to park a vehicle in one of the mall area Pasteur. I realize there is an accident when a large explosion and fire on the big Hanggar,''Basuki said the local people.

Muhamad, other residents, convey, heavy rain that the area was flush create distance perspective dark enough. ''I can not see themselves far enough. But, I also see a big ball of fire, but flush back off because of rain,''he said.

Several hours after the accident Fokker-27 plane belonging to the the corps national army indonesia Air Force, and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called for direct General og national army indonesia Djoko Santoso. He asks for a report on the accident that killed 24 members of the the corps national army indonesia Air Force.

To the president, the military commander, while the allegations, the causes of the fall of the plane is the weather factor. President''has been ruled to be thorough investigation of the accident the plane,''the President emphatically Spokesperson Andi Mallarangeng yesterday.

SBY does not want to the corps national army indonesia Air Force is too quick a conclusion and blame the weather as the cause of the accident. Investigation is needed so that similar incidents do not recur. Also ask the President''made
feasible checks of all aircraft flying the corps national army indonesia Air Force,''he said.

Top nahas these events, according to Andi, says Soesilo Bambang Yudoyono-in deep condolence to the family of the officer and members of the the corps national army indonesia Air Force in which the victim is natural. Soesilo Bambang Yudoyono hopes the victim's family may face a trial, is resilient.

Last night, Genderal of national army indonesia Djoko Santoso to remove the corpse, which is six crew Skuadron 2 to Pangkalan Halim Perdanakusuma. One of them is Lettu (flyer) Yudho Pramono Pangdam who is the son of Iskandar Muda Mayjen Soenarko.

According to the plan, this day (7 / 4) held a ceremony in honor Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma. Some victims also akan diterbangkan to Madiun and Malang. (rdl / tom / rie / jpnn / iro)


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