24 Year Baby Becoming Stone in stomach

on 22 april 2009 occurred the very surprising things in the world medis.Tim doctor surprised with the finding that babies have been silent in the stomach cavity Ny Painah (48) operating at the time nomination mioma uteri the team of doctors led by Hafiz Usman H SpoG in Hospital dr Noesmir Baturaja Wednesday

With the baby weight about 300 grams - 400 grams and 14 cm long according to the family Painah already occupy his mother's stomach for 24 years. But seven months after the event, the baby lost her mother's stomach and gradually decline as people have maternity.

Doctor H SpOG Hafiz Usman said this case or in medical terms Lito pedium (lito means stone and means pedium children) first time found in Ogan Komering North (OKU). Mother baby experience intraabdominal pregnancy / extra utrin. Baby dies in pregnancy seven months and there is no way out (of birth) because of the position of the baby in the belly cavity, or a baby outside the womb.

if our people are very surprised when certain things that happen. plus our knowledge of the medical is very low. but if we return to the god that is very possible. therefore let us juxtapose themselves with more on the gods.


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