smile angel injured

Middle girl is sitting and reading a sheet of paper in a few rooms temaram. An invitation to parents of a student graduation. Girl is Lina. Five more days he will reach a degree of communication.

"What I need to go back to the house so, it has been almost four years I never again set my feet in there." Lina suppress.

Almost four years he never again visited the place where he first tat boyhood and youth. Since the war he was involved with the father's mouth. Lina only because the father wanted his son studying in medical. Meanwhile, Lina choose science communication as a path of education.

In emotional, Lina leave home. Despite the weight of the heart, he should leave the younger sister, Rani, who is junior class 2. Lina regret everything. If the mother does not leave them too quickly. it becomes a little fracas can be avoided and he should not go out of her house.

Lina rise from a chair and reach mobile phone rings after a very long time. "Hi Bram, what?" Lina question.

"Lin, I remember a meeting tomorrow, come the morning more so," answered Bram. "Surely." Answer Lina short.

"Yes ... if so, good night it is, unfortunately," Bram end of speech.

Bram is the nearest Lina at this time. He often gives the spirit to run their lives in Lina. Bram also provide job opportunities for Lina to work in radio as a chore.

Lina the morning to leave office with a lot of things that flare up in the brain. He became difficult to concentrate. Bram see changes in attitudes Lina. Bram about Lina, "It's what, one day you look up haywire?" Bram help.

Lina submit a letter of invitation to the graduation Bram. Bram read, and then he said "So, what's wrong?"

"You know I own, I do not have long associated with the father. Now suddenly I need to meet with him again. I am confused, and more precisely bumbling nervous," said Lina.

"Why should you confused, it is now time to show you that fathers can be successful even without help from it," said Bram.

"But ...." Lina is still undecided.

"Never mind, it later after work I go home to home among you. ... Okay" Bram said Lina greeted with a nod.

It still does not change. Still painted white, the same as last time Lina visited the house. Lina moment hesitate to step in, but Bram reach hands and walk into.

Doors open and look Minah. "Miss ..." Old woman was surprised. "There are fathers, minah?" Lina question. Minah looks nervous. Lina run entry.

"Father has not come home two weeks, Nona. Ehm ... go since Nona's house, a lot has changed, Nona. Mr. so rarely home, she said business is business. Meanwhile, sister Rani women often go home the night, often not even go home , "said Minah length. Lina startled surprised to hear the word of Minah.

"Now, Rani is in the room?" lina said then.

"There, Miss, in the room, already a few days this does not leave room Rani. Rani also do not allow me to enter rooms. Oh yes Miss, what to drink?" Minah said.

"Buatkan to Bram, I do not have," said Lina. "Bram, I used to ride, I'm not feeling well," said Lina while going to the top floor. At room adiknya, he shock. Rani are to enter the syringe arm. "Rani!" Lina cried and ran to the Rani and immediately seize the needle tool.

"What you do! You use?" Lina outcry against brother daughter.

"No matter you! Why you here, urus only your own self." Rani screaming. He looked in pain.

Rani avoid corner and ran to the room. "Go ye! Where you when I am lonely. When I have a problem. I am alone here." Rani said with the sad.

"Yes I am sorry, Ran. I pity you as I promise you will not leave again," answered Lina. Lina slowly approaching the daughter and sister hug. Rani increasingly struggle to get loose, but do not embrace Lina weakened.

"minah ...," cried Lina. Minah not come alone. He is with Bram. "Minah please phone the doctor." Lina said. Minah out soon. "Bram please check this room, there may be remaining." Lina said that while the injection of Bram. The situation in the house have started restrained. Rani has started quietly.

When Lina father came, they spoke in the room work. Lina told the purpose coming. Lina submit the graduation invitations to his father. Lina fathers are willing to come and receive.

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