Coffee for health

If you want free from pain due to running out of energy or fatigue after exercise, drink a glass of coffee.

One new study shows, coffee reduces pain due to fatigue is not concerned about someone drinking habits have coffee or not. Such reports official Chinese news agency, Xinhua, Wednesday (1 / 4).

Professor field of public health and kinesiologi at the University of Illionis said Robert Motl, "caffeine in a working system in the brain and spinal nerves that are involved in pain processing. And because caffeine prevents adenosine, chemical substances that play an important role in the diversion of energy and sports , caffeine can reduce the pain. "

The researchers, the former bicycle racing athletes, 25 student health divide into two different groups.

In one group there is a man who every day mengonsumsi caffeine very low to no, and other groups include people with an average caffeine consumption of 400 milligram / day, equal to three to four-cup coffee.

After completing the exercise test early in the laboratory using a static bicycle to ensure maximum oxygen consumption or aerobic energy, the research object to return to sports activities for 30 minutes with a high intensity that is monitored.

One hour before each event, the athletes who have been racing bicycle instructed not to consume caffeine during the previous 24 hours, given a pill.

On one occasion, pills that contain caffeine dose of 5 milligram / kilogram body weight, or equal to two or three glasses coffee, and the opportunities they are given replacement.

During the second period of sports, the object of vision research on the four major muscle pain in the front of the thigh with the rest still recorded, along with information on oxygen consumption, heart tap, and the portion of the activities.

"What we saw is not something that we think," said Motl. "People do not consume caffeine consumed and the normal level has the same reduction of pain during exercise after caffeine they consume," he said.

Results dirinci study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, issue April.

The author of the study include Steven P Broglio of the University of Illionis and Sigurbjorn A Arngrimsson's Center for Sport and Health Sciences, Iceland University of Education


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