Earthquake L'Aquila, victims reached 200 people

L'Aquila - If only a warning seismolog Italian Gioacchino Giuliani heard and the government does not prohibit the delivery of information, may be around 207 lives will not be early days ago Monday (6 / 4). Despite can not be avoided, at least, the impact of the earthquake damage to physical strength 6.3 Richter scale in the city of L'Aquila can be minimized.

Yesterday (7 / 4) The Daily Mail revealed that the occurrence of symptoms akan terrible earthquake has been detected. As a scientist who can read the sign, Giuliani was a moral responsibility to warn residents. Therefore, during the last sepekan him around town in a van equipped with loudspeakers, while the city urges residents to evacuate small.

Unfortunately, the local government to catch the panic would prohibit the delivery of information. They then calms people and remove their worries. ''People call me weird, and people began to berate me. I diolok fun of and called a idiot because they warned that the earthquake problem is not sure they can never predict,''Giuliani said.

So, when the earthquake actually horrible dipijak of the earth at around 03.00 on Monday (6 / 4), the indignant Giuliani. Shortly before the vibration was felt, he has warned the residents try again. But useless. Because, at that time he is currently in the government's interrogation. ''They should apologize to me. False own if they eventually become victims,''said the specialist who is also the city of L'Aquila.

He stated to the media, the signs are great earthquake detected start mid January. But, the Italian Civil Protection Agency asserts that the vibration is felt, at that time is very normal. ''We have a history of the earthquake that long. But, we do not have to do to address them. Once through the natural, we forget and do nothing,''suspire The National Institute of geophysical enzo Boschi.

Ironically, scientists are warning alert and disseminate useful is suspected. After circling the city and warned residents to install a warning on the internet, the police arrested even Giuliani. He then diinterogasi until the earthquake actually the city's aged 13 century. Perhaps, the strength of the earthquake had also destroyed the city in 1461 and 1703.

Local government action related to Giuliani, the Prime Minister (PM) Italy Silvio Berlusconi exposed consequences. Yesterday (7 / 4) wave flows to government critics. However, the leader of 72 years and try to muffle criticism request all people to focus on the handling of the victim. ''We can discuss later. Now we have to search the victim,''he said.


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