" L O V E "

When it touches pampered warmth
There is no sense of holding power
To hold her in the warmth of the body

When ice covered the night
Sliced liver could not resist the dark
Only He is the ultimate authority over the soul

My lover
No love left in the heart
All the dreams and the real merge
Just to see your smile

Want to rhyme I sang love
With all the life and soul
Teach you to touch the beauty of heaven
Guide you step toward him

My lover
There was no tears for the living and step
There was no tender souls scattered in the trail
There was no disappointment and lara cover your heart

Only your happiness, your smile I love the ocean

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Was A Homicide ?

The Los Angeles coroner has ruled Michael Jackson's death as a homicide, U.S. law enforcement sources have claimed. The news came as court papers revealed the coroner had found lethal levels of the powerful anaesthetic propofol in the pop star's body.

The finding makes it more likely that criminal charges will be filed against the singer's personal doctor Conrad Murray, who was with Jackson when he died.

A law enforcement official, who wished to remain anonymous, said the coroner determined a fatal combination of drugs was given to Jackson hours before he died in his rented Los Angeles mansion.Forensic tests found the powerful anesthetic propofol in Jackson's system along with two sedatives, the official said.

The Los Angeles Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner, Dr. Sathyavagiswaran, indicated that he had reviewed the preliminary toxicology results and his preliminary assessment of Jackson's cause of death was due to lethal levels of propofol (diprivan),' according to a search warrant affidavit for Murray issued by California.

The document was released by the Harris County District Clerk in Houston, where Dr Murray has offices, which U.S. Agents raided on July 22, looking for evidence of manslaughter.

Dr Murray told detectives he gave the late King of Pop the drug to treat insomnia for about six weeks, the Los Angeles Times reported. The newspaper cited a newly unsealed affidavit accompanying a search warrant used in the investigation of Jackson's death. According to court records, Dr Murray had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of propofol every night using an intravenous line.But fearing that the singer was becoming addicted to the drug, Dr Murray said he began trying to wean Jackson off propofol. He lowered the dosage to 25 milligrams and mixed it with two other sedatives, lorazepam and midazolam.

Two days before Jackson's death, Dr Murray administered just the two sedatives and not the propofol. According to the affidavit obtained the LA Times, on the morning Jackson died, Dr Murray tried to induce sleep without using propofol, and tried valium at 1.30am.But it did not work. The doctor then tried giving Jackson various drugs until 10.40am when the singer demanded propofol.

Dr Murray told detectives he was not the first doctor to give Jackson propofol, the court documents stated.The doctor said he repeatedly asked Jackson which other doctors were treating him and what drugs they were prescribing, but the singer refused to reveal the details. Dr Murray said he noticed injection marks on Jackson's hands and feet, which the star told him was a 'cocktail' to help him, the affidavit revealed.

Jackson suffered cardiac arrest and died on June 25 at age 50. Since then, police have probed his death in an investigation that appears focused on the use of prescription drugs and the role of doctors who treated him, including his personal doctor.An autopsy report in to Jackons' death remains sealed while police complete their investigation into the role prescription drugs may have played in his death and the actions of his doctors.

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Many people say, eating squid can make a man infertile. There is also a belief, sprouts will increase the amount and quality of sperm. "A lot of myths that harm patients. All the food was not very good or very bad. All is well, but should be balanced," said Dr. Setiawan Nugroho, MS, SpAnd.

The reason, every food has advantages and disadvantages, so it should be balanced. "If you eat too much squid, for example, is not it, not good." Then, what about sprouts? According Nugroho, if only to eat sprouts alone, it certainly is not healthy.

"There are times when we must be rational. In theory, sprouts are high in vitamin E. However, if one basket sprouts will be extracted only one pill of vitamin E. So, to return to the cause. If the cause is less fertile due to a lack of vitamin E, eat sprouts may help. However, if the cause Varicocele, sprouts ONE baskets every day enggak any good, "said Nugroho.

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The phenomenon of El Nino or warm sea temperatures in the Pacific Ocean from late May and tend to strengthen this month. However, seeing patterns and the location of "hot tub"-area of sea surface warming trend there is a new version called El Nino Modoki.

This was revealed from the weather experts Inventory Technology Agency of Natural Resources Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT-TISDA). "There is a tendency towards anomalous El Nino Modoki. To ensure that, should see the last condition, "he said.

El Nino is usually marked the Sea Surface Temperature anomalies in the equatorial region in the Pacific Ocean is called the hot pool. This resulted in high moisture supply in the area of Peru, which causes a lot of rain in the area, contrary drought in parts of Asia, especially Indonesia.

In contrast to El Nino, the emergence of Modoki, Japanese language, which means "similar but different", shown by the existence of "hot tub" which concentrated only in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The eastern and western Pacific cool.

This condition causes the low supply of water vapor or the formation of rain clouds in Peru and in eastern Indonesia. So far the research undertaken by researchers of Marine Research Agency of Japan (JAMSTEC), parts of Indonesia has not much studied. This phenomenon was also recently published in 2004 by JAMSTEC researcher, said Fadli, who won his doctorate in Japan.

El Nino Modoki Research also conducted research of the Georgia Institute of Technology. "Typically, El Nino events cause the decrease of the storm in the Atlantic. However, this new type increased the storm, "said Peter Webster, professor at Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

According to Webster's research that appeared in the journal Science last July edition, El Nino Modoki more predictable compared to El Nino. El Nino turned into a natural oscillation Modoki by El Nino or El Nino is a response to the warmth of the atmosphere or because of La Nina change the structure of El Nino

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5 step which Pore-pore

1. Clean makeup every night with carefully. No matter how tired you are, you should not live up to bed without cleaning themselves first. Even if you do not wear makeup every day (only put on moisturizer, powder, and lipstick), take the time to clean the face with a cleanser. This is to remove dirt and oil that ignites in the face skin.

2. Wash face with soap that contains salicylic acid. This material will destroy the oil and dirt that clog pore-pore, and help to improve the surface.

3. Wearing a moisturizer does not contain oil, and does not cause allergies. Salicylic acid will likely cause irritation to some particular type of skin. Therefore, to combine with a gentle moisturizer.

4. Wearing sunscreen every day. Perhaps many of us who do not realize that the sun can damage skin. Expose the sun damage the collagen layers of skin creating a smooth face. Outside the room without sunscreen protection will also benefit from the third step that you did before.

5. If necessary, perform intensive care. Dermatology experts have a series of special care for us who have certain skin problems. Be smart with the consumers who choose not to provide treatment side effects are dangerous. You may recognize the process of chemical Peeling, where after a few days the skin will peel (skin), and facial skin become reddish. Although the end result makes the skin looks white and smooth, but this causes the skin to become thin and easily affected by free radicals that cause cancer.

* You can wash your face using a face cloth cleanser moisturizer that contains salicylic acid.
* Make Peeling or laser treatment with the help of the skin doctor, or specialist dermatology.

"Weapon" which must be belongs to:
Cleaning with salicylic acid
Soft moisturizer

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Gum Inflammation

Researchers from the Medical Faculty of the teeth, University of Indonesia (FKG-UI), Lies Zubardiah M. Qosim, find alternative new drugs originating from the leaf "Lawsonia inermis Linnaeus" or known as henna or henna leaves as alternative medicine for gingivitis.

Lies Zubardiah, in the description says, this research prove the role of Lawsonia inermis Linnaeus leaf or leaves, known as henna or henna by the rural communities in Indonesia are often used as a skin wound healing drugs in the body.

He explains the mouth of alternative medicine research this using a variety of testing, such as fitokimia test, test the opponent against the bacteria "Streptococcus sanguinis", toksisitas acute test, test sitotoksisitas, gingivitis healing test on animals and human beings try, test and absorption of color on the teeth.

Results of research it was found that leaf Hena containing the compound opponent bacteria, such as flavonoid, atsiri oil, saponin, steroid, triterpen, and tanin, proven effective against the bacteria S. sanguinis, can decrease the concentration of plaque, not toksit in humans, and cure gingivitis.

Research results that are in the process of Rights over Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property Rights) This is one form of alternative medicine that is safer for the treatment gingivitis in children and adults.

As known, one type of interference in the health and dental mouth is gingivitis (gum inflammation). Gingivitis is the type of periodontal disease is most often found in 80 percent of children aged 11-13 years in developing countries and is chronic.

If the left continues, gingivitis can become periodontitis (inflammation dental network buffer), so that the teeth become loose and easy to shake. The main etiology gingivitis is bacterial plaque, which is able to damage the network buffer starts with the dental damage to the gingiva (gum).

"Streptococcus sanguinis" is one of the most bacteria found in plaque. Plaque adhere closely to the teeth and can only be removed through cleaning with toothbrushes and interdental cleaning tool. Compound that is opposite the bacteria needed to help eliminate inflammation.

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Skin of Wine

Consume wine that we can make a well-preserved. For, in the skin of wine there is a substance called plavonoid. "Substance is a kind of antioxidants that measure higher than the antioxidants found in vitamin C," said the expert public health nutrition, Prof. Dr. Ir Khomsan Ali, in a press meet in Jakarta,

Ali said, the people of the city such as Jakarta threatened more exposed to older more early because of air pollution exposure. Toxic substances that are spread in the air cause oxidation process or the occurrence of damage to the cell body.

"To prevent the occurrence of this oxidation, antioxidants needed. Skin wine than the fiber is also a source of antioxidants," said Ali.

According to Ali, some people peel the skin before eat wine. This is because the wine country in the skin thicker than wine imports. "Seeing the benefits of good skin of wine, good food and local wine imported skins are still eaten," he said.

Associated with the threat of pesticides on the fruit skin, Ali said, does not need to worry. Pesticides already have a water soluble, so before consuming the fruit, including wine, wash with running water while rubbed. How many consume wine?

"Basically, every day we should eat fruit and two portions vary each day. For the wine, 1 portion is equivalent to 6-8 units of wine. There is no need to every day. Every day eat not prohibited, but wine is expensive?" he said.

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Democracy Party

today 8 July 2009, indonesia implement democratic party. President and vice president will appear today, three of the candidates participated in the implementation of this democratic party. from the outside who will become leaders of the nation indonesia akan they face a very serious challenge in the future.

indonesia citizens depends on the potential leaders are selected. with various community expectations indonesia analyze who think their fate.

indonesia people pray and ask the gods to be the chosen leader is a person the best. because the fate of the nation will depend on the state leaders.

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Complement Hearts

Small waves pounding tight hug my leg. Cream-sand beach foam finger tight grip feet. This afternoon the weather so warm. I look up, I saw there is a cloud of reddish so beautiful. In the middle of the clouds, I saw the sun wave hands. He will return home. Truly a very beautiful afternoon.

Now, I settled on the coastal edge. I leave only small waves hug closely feet. Suddenly, I am surprised that a frequency waves radiate from the mouth of a woman. Beautiful female voice from me.
Diana name. Curly black hair slightly reddish. Eyes rounded. Cornea little brown eyes. Pure white skin. Today, he looks so fresh with a tie dye T-shirts have the design of the heart that is used by them.

I have long engaged with. He was a special girl. Diana beautiful, but also smart. Most importantly, he would understand me. Understanding the advantages and all I lack.

Today is the commemoration day we fall in love the fifth. Not a day invented. But, the day falls in love. We never considered the first day official day as us. But, the day that we consider is the official day where we love each other. When we first exchange viewpoints.

I really love Diana. With simplicity, elegance, and everything. Diana looks like an angel. He is likely to be sent to earth to change my life. Friend, you not know that before with Diana, I was a very "different."

I am so lazy. Even just for school, I often cut once. I am often confused. I do not mind to be clear where. All this is due to pullout of the former me, Risa, for ever.

Diana is a new dream for me. After 3 years I own confusion in me, he suddenly came, and into the life I once only. Without permission.

We come in a very beautiful island. I still remember that exact moment. Lombok, 31 August 2005. At the time I am on vacation. Enjoy the beauty of the island with my family.

He is a native girl Lombok. With the same age. He was also at the school with the same. We already spend enough time together. So long, till I ask the parents moved me to school. Yes, now I finally moved the school in Lombok.

Diana mirror for like. He reflect what I want. Overall. Truly, Diana is beautiful and the biggest gift in my life. I do not want to lose him.

Day when I came back a year, for example. Diana to give something very special for me. A little tart, make up the cream form of two white roses (two days is the birth of I), with a candle (one is dated kelahiranku) above. He brings the right shows the day of birth I: 14:20.

A very special surprise. Yes, Diana was a very special for me. At least after I graduated from the mental hospital, and writing this story. Since losing Risa, I experienced psychiatric disturbances.

About Diana, turns out that my parents never took to Lombok for the holidays. Simply refreshing. However, there I never want to be home. I find the 'illusion I' in there.

Finally they let me stay in there so I get the world. In Lombok, I am cheerful. Can interact with friends with the normal. Only one thing is strange. Ie, Diana.

Photos with him, all its surprises, in fact I come from the mind itself. When I see an image, for example, both of us. Previously, I actually ask the coast guard for taking both of us. The result is indeed correct. But, when I look back now, I was alone photo.

Diana is also a friend of one with me in class. But, after I get to the guardian class I recently, he said that I always want to sit alone. No one can fill the empty seat next to me.

When you write the story of this laptop, the calendar shows the date 31 August 2008. I sit on the beach, where I acquainted with Diana. In fact ... sound waves that break before I dreaming, is the voice of a woman. This time he was real. My parents smile at me with that girl.

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Street musicians

That morning, after dew seemed to the sky, the sun light to break through all the pores. Aorta, muscle, brain I also feel the soap is full of warm light. Osculation intercommunion imprint on the brow the cold after I touch on the night. My hair disheveled also be combed full unfortunately. Morning wind touching crown while whisper that time I have been awakened, a dream to connect the next day, and perform activities like day yesterday which is very boring.

As usual week, on a sunny day, the face of sluggish miserably to bring love and blackmail those who pass-thatch. While carrying a musical instrument composed of several closed beverage bottles, I sing a song idol of the young servant. Also idol street musicians like me. The song "The light out," has made people stunned and deceived, so that They willingly dive pocket and donate a few pieces a dime. Actually, I do not memorize the correct lyrics to the song. Yet, without the grind all, I already can chirp chirp like a parrot just a bath.

Have capital with a sober voice, my talent show that I actually never hide from birth. This is a case that had made, as well as the way of life that I have to browse. Being a street musician's dream is the worst of all. Also for myself. But what may make. The most important side can still be a compromise.

crossing roads and red light has been trying every effort to be the best friend I live in the complex of all, narrow, and bitter. I do not know, maybe this is the destiny that I must Go. Whether to when. I have a brain just to think every day if I need to eat. Without thinking how the switch or the mode, the withdrawal of young people now.

Perhaps, that day I was purple rather than the most weeks of the other. How not, when I play music in front of a red car plate (government car), there is a sharp beam eyes I stare. Highlight the eyes that had never saw before. Yes, a pair of eyes that can enjoy the wonderful songs full of feeling that I play. Tap the heart of the previous run normally, suddenly nervous. Because saking quickly, I made the inconvenience. Cold sweat from the second temple will dampen both cheeks and I is simple. Thin lips I can not continue the struggle. I lost awareness of the brain. Songs I stopped before the time. I felt his hands tied from behind. I do not think out. What on earth? Only because of what the eye gaze is so strong that I finally like loss of consciousness.
"This bud, thank you. The song I play in tunable by you all."

With a gentle hand over hand. Also a beautiful finger. He gave money thousand rupiah and sweet smile, which is still imprint on the heart wall. Smile that is the passion that makes life appear again and can survive the hard life of the city so hard. But, the smile is also pulverize the life of me, until in the most niche.

Accidentally, the worn-out hands that touch the very fine hands. Have felt the vibration and there was something I had never felt. I am not aware with what I've done.

After the events, every day I daydream a lot. Just because you want to meet again with the girls that make the heart vibrant. Up to that of my age-20 to this, I have never felt a feeling so terrible. Feeling that had the soul. Is this called love?.

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Climate Change

Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice / CSF urges state-Annex 1 countries cut emissions to meet its commitments as agreed in the Kyoto Protocol.

Negotiations Bonn Climate Change Talks are ongoing (1-12 June 2009) should ensure the fulfillment of its commitments in the Kyoto Protocol, and not submit a proposal to make the new basis the Kyoto Protocol, said the CSF.

Meeting in June is a good time to change the direction of the discussion of climate change. "Indonesia as the countries affected by climate change should play a role in determining the direction of negotiations, the focus remains on the decline in emissions in the real beginning of the UNFCCC is the goal," said Coordinator of CSF, Giorgio Budi Indarto.

COP 15 will truly last a chance to realize the justice of the world's climate, so have requested that the CSF delegation that attended the Bonn Climate Change Talks banar II is taking action that could save the world.

Civil society also requested that all discussion of negotiations in June, both mitigation and adaptation HELP adopting the concept of climate change in the solution offered.

Indonesian civil society does not tolerate schemes if the handling of climate change offered by the potential harm the community. Therefore, any concrete action to overcome the impact of climate change should be taken while still ensuring the right people.

Another concern that civil society is a funding mechanism that should not be longer depending on the model of debt, the process of manipulation developed countries reducing emissions through the offset mechanism will not be able menstabilisasi volume Grk globally.

For Indonesia, adaptation and mitigation efforts that can not be done again cause problems, such as conversion of land to plant food crops of biofuel raw materials which will reduce the capacity of food production, ecosystem change or peat moss peat and the sea
as counterweight macro and micro climate which is very closely with the interests of ecological, economic, social, and cultural communities.

Ecological debt management should be done through the Transitional justice mechanisms. Environmental crimes should be processed first to uphold justice to victims, and for the restoration of ecosystems that have been damaged in the practices, exploitation of natural wealth by the multi-national corporation.

Indonesian civil society forum for climate justice affirmed, developed countries are obliged to control and evaluate the investment in the plantation forestry sector, where the second sector is the primary supply their needs, the impact to the area of swamp forest and peat moss industry in Indonesia for oil palm plantations and forest industry plants.

They must also ensure that the project pilot modeling and reducing emission from deforestation and degradation (REDD) funded does not violate the rights of indigenous people of the area, forest, and the environment in Indonesia.

Regardless of various things, the handling of climate change will not be achieved, and the UNFCCC negotiations are only the business event carbon failed to save the earth, so the CSF.

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Finally broken the "Page Rank"

One day there is someone to inform and introduce them to me a matter of general public I think that is "blogger". he also said that out of our bloggers can also be additional revenue if we have a page rank, and I asked him what the "page rank"? he said that page rank is one award for the bloggers who are eligible tamplete's uncle google.

then I try to start a blog to manage running a few months I try and try the Page rank of waiting I also appear.
after a few months I try to wrestle with the world's bloggers finally give my uncle Google page rank 1, the new page rank 1 was given but I was very happy because I have been waiting since long. thanks to all colleagues who are bloggers to help me to get the page rank. do not forget me say many thanks to bidikcom that will provide templates and guidance to me, that thanks to uncle google I have to give my page rank.
I also do not forget to thank the many parties who have supported me.

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"The first night"

Some of the things that will happen in the first night.

1. Painful coitus

first night of first coitus akan may feel painful, but not the next night. If the pain until many weeks, this certainly is not normal. Rip hymen is not painful, such as the myths circulating, unless the broken blood vessel, so that more blood out.
Painful coitus is incredible if you have also experienced interference in the mouth, vagina (vulva). The causes can be due to infection (vulvitis), injury, muscle spasm, or a reaction to fear itself.

If the condition of vulva and vagina is healthy, but still painful coitus or malaise, the adjustments may not create emotional, mental, and physical conditions between the couple. Thus, sexual communication can not be stopped.

2. Fisrt Night Not bleed

Although the girls, could be the night when the first does not bleed. This is because the hymen is not only one kind, both hole and elasticity.
In the women's hymen is more rigid, not bloody likely in the first night, and on the next night, or even torn a new betulan after child birth. This case often a tempest at the beginning of the marriage. Husbands generally immediately claimed his wife is not virgin anymore.

3. Urinate many times

Two-three days after the first night, a sudden painful urine, do not feel well, nausea, head aches, and, if severe, urine pink or red. This typically happens on the new bride.
Of course, it should immediately be given antibiotic drugs murderer bacteria, in addition to sedative urine. Usually within 3 days urinate many times already cured, but can relapse. Especially if it is not so direct urine completed coitus

4. Not To Orgasme

The first night will not necessarily always successful. The husband may be satisfied if it has been orgasme, but not the wife. Women's reached a new peak or if orgasme preliminary game long enough, the organ of the soul is ready and fully, and his wife already feel free. Like what? Pain favors prosperous, extraordinary sensation that is felt to the body and soul, it is not envisaged with the words, which can be repeatedly like ocean waves comb the beach.
That was then, how important sex education for boys and girls. If only every husband knows that hymen is diversified, he certainly will be more wise to the real wife is still virgin.

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About 70 percent of headaches are caused by muscle tension. However, headaches can not be considered lightly, especially if up to the job. Headaches often appear simple because of the generally mild symptoms of the disease. What are the trigger headaches?

1. Bos
Boss or a job often trigger pain or headache. In fact, all the things that cause stress or tension will make us more easily fell ill headache or migraine. Headaches caused by emotional tension headache is called tension headache or functional.
People with headaches often feel this musculature in the neck and stiff back strain. In the light massage can reduce the headache, but after some time the complaint will be re-appears.

2. The aroma is too strong
Do you feel dizzy because of fragrance smell perfume? Smell a strong aroma, and even a fragrant, usually causing the dizziness. Not yet known why this happened, but experts suspect that the smell has a strong aroma stimulates nervous system. In addition to perfume, the smell cat, flowers, or dust, often cause the head throb.

3. Hot air
The increase in air temperature often cause the occurrence of migraine headaches or weight. In a study be 7.5 percent of respondents experiencing headaches when the air is hot.

4. Hair Accessories
The way we treat the hair can be influential to the head. Binding hair too tight can make the network into tissue in the head and stern invite headache. Hairpin, also a hat that is too narrow will cause the same effect.

5. Body postures
Not only sports rack sweat can cause the pressure in the head and neck muscles. Postures that the body's daily habits can also cause headaches. Just a habit to sit with the position of the shoulders stoop, sit without support, scan a computer monitor its position is too high or low, or squeeze the phone between ear and shoulder. When last you headaches often attacked, it's time to improve your body postures daily.

6. Sports
Sports that are too heavy, including sex, can also cause headaches. Excessive physical activity can make the blood vessel in the head and neck swelling, and depression. Headache due to sports or sex is easier to attack people who are often exposed to migraine.

7. Cheese
Trigger the headache, or migraine, which is most often cheese, including cheddar, blue cheese, mozzarella and parmesan. It is tyramine, a form of protein that has been parsed, which is in the cheese. Increasing the length of the food or drink, the more tyramine is in it.

8. Red wine
Tyramine can we find in red wine, and liquor. Alcoholic beverages in the terkadung that will improve the flow of blood to the brain, so that any head feels dizzy.

9. Skip lunch
Empty stomach trouble had no lunch on some people often cause headaches. In addition to dizziness, stomach empty also make blood sugar go down, consequently the body feels weak. Head lunch with balanced nutrition. Avoid sweet foods such as chocolate to fill the empty stomach. Sugar's sweet foods will make blood sugar go down and then rebound to lower again.

10. Cigarettes
Smoking causes include headache, not only against people who smoke, but also passive smokers around. Gynecology akan nicotine causes blood vessel to the brain narrow, a result the flow of blood to the brain decreases.

11. Caffeine
The people who usually get headaches often are friends with the coffee. Caffeine can indeed become his opponent at a time. In fact some types of headache medications contain caffeine in it. But on the other hand, caffeine can also cause headaches

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Airbus A330-200

An aircraft owned airline Air France (Airbus A330-200) lost in the journey from Brazil to Paris. Until now unknown fate also more than 200 passengers.

Airbus A330-200 aircraft is designed to be secure in the class.

This is the specification of Airbus A330-200, known sophisticated:

- According to the Aviation Safety Network, this type of Airbus A330-200 had experienced no fatal accidents since the trial in 1994.
- Airbus A330-200 designed through travel. Jet is able to carry passengers with medium capacity.
- Airbus A330-200 was first operated in 1998.
- The amount in all the world as much as 341.
- Length: 58.8 meters.
- Capacity: 253 passengers with a standard configuration, 293 passengers in two class configuration.
- Range up to: Up to 12,500 kilometers. This allows travel through such as Paris-Singapore, the Paris-Los Angeles-London or Dubai.

- Companies that use aviation Airbus A330-200 including Air France, KLM, Northwest Airlines, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air China and China Southern Airlines.
According to the Paris airport authority, on Monday (1 / 6), impressions Airbus A330-200 suddenly not visible in the radar screen. He left Rio de Janeiro, Sunday at 19:00 local time, and will arrive in Paris, Monday at 11:15 local time (around 16:15 WIB).

The Air France said, Airbus 330-200 aircraft type numbered flight 447 was carrying 228 passengers and crew, each of 216 passengers and 12 crew.

A spokesperson for Air France-KLM in Amsterdam, said radio contact with the plane that dropped out of the lost at all. At the last location where the Airbus A330-200 is not known at this time.

During the incident, the Airbus A330-200 that crosses the bad weather conditions, lacing through thunder and lightning in the Atlantic Ocean. Brazilian government is now to seek a search mission in the east coast of the sea coast that country.

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Mugello circuit

MUGELLO circuits from italy MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi blame his team selection wrong to tire in the dry race at Mugello circuit in Italy drivers crumple-Marlboro Ducati, Casey Stoner. The origin of Australia began the race in lap 13 to when replacement tires dry.

"The great fun is in the top of the podium," said Rossi who is in position three in the bottom of the Stoner and his colleagues a team Jorge Lorenzo. "Racing Mugello circuit in Italy is very difficult, we know the weather will be very bad."

"When the weather at the Italian Mugello circuit dried, we make the mistake of using the hard tires. They still choose this type of tire, although I have requested the software," said Rossi.

Rossi occupied the third position after the session through the race in Mugello circuit in Italy Klasemen championship, nine points terpaut with Stoner after the race takes place five times. Racing in the next Catalan MotoGP on June 14.

Dani Pedrosa of Spain, which impose themselves participate Mugello race circuit in Italy despite suffering from injury, and fall back out of the race.

Results Italy Mugello race circuit:
1. Casey Stoner (AUS / Ducati)
2. Jorge Lorenzo (ESP / Yamaha)
3. Valentino Rossi (ITA / Yamaha)
4. Andrea Dovizioso (ITA / Honda)
5. Loris Capirossi (ITA / Suzuki)
6. Colin Edwards (USA / Yamaha)
7. James Toseland (PICS / Yamaha)
8. Randy De Puniet (FRA / Honda)
9. Niccolo Canapa (ITA / Ducati)
10. Chris Vermeulen (AUS / Suzuki)

Klasemen while (after the five-race)
1. Casey Stoner (AUS / Ducati) 90 points
2. Jorge Lorenzo (ESP / Yamaha) 86 points
3. Valentino Rossi (ITA / Yamaha) 81 points
4. Dani Pedrosa (ESP / Honda) 57 points
5. Andrea Dovizioso (ITA / Honda) 56 points
6. Marco Melandri (ITA / Kawasaki) 48 points
7. Colin Edwards (USA / Yamaha) 45 points
8. Loris Capirossi (ITA / Suzuki) 38 points
9. Chris Vermeulen (AUS / Suzuki) 37 points
10. Randy De Puniet (FRA / Honda) 34 points

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High heeled shoes

Every woman surely feel sexy when wear high heeled shoes. Not only make the body more visible, but also make feet feel better levels. However, wear high heeled shoes can also harmful to the health and beauty legs. To help you to be more comfortable when put on high heeled shoes, the following tips

1. When buying high heeled shoes, always make sure that proper size. May sound trivial, but try to remember again, you do have the right shoes make feet high that you are too decadent to the front, and leave the heels you just loose? High heeled shoes that do not quite fit with the fitting body can make you focus on the front foot, the pressure in the finger. So, look for high heeled shoes that can
heels part comfortable with your heel.

2. Use a pillow. Do you feel your heel heat and abrasions when standing too long with the high heeled shoes? This is usually caused by shoes that do not have enough cushion. For problems when using high heeled shoes that are already favored bought it, just use the right pillow for shoes made of high Silicon many circulating in the market. Forms such as gel, capable of absorbing impact and vibration during standing or walking using a high heeled shoes.

3. Use the right footwear for high stability thick. Rights a more bold (Wedge) be able to give better balance and relieve a little pressure because the weight of your body and not spread on the narrow one point only. Changing the right shoes occasionally, or replace the high heeled shoes with slippers when in the office can also prevent muscle pain tendon.

4. High heeled shoes, there are several different levels of the land of other shoes. Despite having the same rights, the length of the shoes can also be pain in the foot. If the length between the ends of the front to the back of the shoes less, perforce, have to bend your legs slightly, and this will cause problems that are not sick in the comfortable high heeled shoes. So, do not forget to consider things like this

5. If you are prone to callous or blister, either because you have legs the shape and size that is not public, then Meet your doctor for a consultation. Requested input on what type of high heeled shoes that are appropriate for you. If you have no way, look for shoes, equipped with a rope to avoid the minimal friction in the shoe can cause a callous

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It is distressing!

If you treat it well, he thinks you love him.
If not, you will be spelled out proud.

If you dress nice, you think he is trying to
seduce him.
If not, he says you plebeian.

If you argue with it, he says you hard head.
If you remain silent, he says you do not have a brain.

If you smarter than him, he will lose face.
If he is smarter, he says he is most intense.

If you do not love him, he will try to get yourself.
If you mencintainya, he will try to leave yourself.

If you let him masalahmu, if you pester him.
If not, he says you do not trust them.

If you choosy on him, you spelled out as a tutor for him.
But if he is choosy to you, it's because he's attention.

If you violate the promise, you can not be trusted.
If he deny that his promise, he was forced to do so because.

If you smoke, you are a wild girl!
But what he is smoking, he was a gentleman, WUIIHHH ..!

If you hurt him, you spelled women cruel.
But if he is hurt yourself, he says that just because you are too
sensitive and too difficult to be made happy !!!!!

If you send this to the guy-guy, they will surely swear, if
this is not correct.
But if you do not send this to them, you will lose
opportunity to say
they are selfish!

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At the age of 14 years, have a guy approach, really tired of hiding.
At the age of 24 years, that there is no approach, quite tired understand.

My boyfriend simulate drunk and take me back to the house, really tired rejects.
My boyfriend really drunk and vomiting on the floor, really tired cleared.

There are loans that money to my boyfriend, I fear they do not pay, really tired, and worry him.
my boyfriend borrow money with other people, other people really afraid to charge with debt, tired to worry himself.

Birth to a boy I like children afraid of his father does not have the
future, the children really tired.
Birth to a daughter, misguided as he was afraid his mother, with its tired.

Husband puppy time again, every day must be economical, really tired.
Husband many times more money, fearing he was outside of the study is not good,
really tired.

Husband is too sharp, in the streets there is always the guy who surreptitiously view,
I am tired.
Husband is too ugly, every exit on the road, really tired should explain to people what he is not

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Avoiding Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is shut off, if not treated quickly and intensive information received from the MOH website says there are 6 million new cancer patients each year in the world. Each year the number of people with cancer in the world increased 6.25 million people. In developing countries, each year there were 100 cancer patients per 100,000 of population.

Associated with the data we gather, and if the publications issued Hospital National Cancer Center on the 10 way Dharmais Avoiding Cancer:

1. Stop smoking.
Smoking is the main cancer and tuberculosis is almost 30 percent to cause the occurrence of other types of cancer. If smoking in the house it will cause terpaparnya throughout the home, including children, with cigarette smoke causes disease and respiratory channels.

2. Avoid the sun
Excessive sunlight can cause skin cancer. For that protect your skin with sun block, use a long sleeved shirt and a hat or umbrell
a in the blazing sun shine.

3. Reduce fat content in food
Foods that contain lots of fat causes increased body weight and obesity. This is a cause of cancer in the uterus, gall uterus, breast, and kolon. Control body weight with a balanced diet and sports akan reduce your risk of cancer is affected.

4. More fibrous food
Wheat, rice, vegetables, and fruits is a natural source of fiber that is very good and protect you from cancer kolorektal. Foods that contain lots of fiber such as wheat bread, bran, corn, rice, spinach, potatoes, apples, peer, and tomatoes should be consumed regularly every day.

5. Reduce consumption of foods that smoked, burned, and preserved with nitrit
Oesofagus stomach cancer and is often found in countries that many of the people who consume foods processed with evaporation and preserved with nitrit. Burnt food in the womb is known substanc
es that increase the risk of cancer higher.

6. Choose foods that contain lots of vitamins A and C
Natural vitamins and other important substances in the vegetables and fruits can protect us from cancer oesofagus, laring, stomach and tuberculosis. Orange, banana, mango, papaya, tomatoes, fruit and other tropical fruit, carrot and broccoli is a source of vitamins and vital substances-substances.

7. Consumption of more vegetables the cabbage
Research shows that vegetables are included in the cabbage, such as cabbage, broccoli, cabbage flower, bak choy, and kale can protect you from stomach cancer, and cancer kolorektal channel breath.

8. Avoid alcoholic beverages
Consume alc
ohol in the number of affected many high-risk liver cancer and stomach. Smoking with the drinking of alcohol increases the risk of cancer of a very large mouth, throat, laring and oesofagus.

9. Self-check regularly
Recommended for women to do pap smear, breast self examination as well as with mammografi to detect cancer of the womb and breast collar. While for the men examined rajinlah to escape from danger prostat cancer and testis cancer.

10. Patterns of living a balanced
Eat enough and balanced nutrition, a balanced use of time between work, rest, recreation and sports, and always approach to the Lord can reduce the risk of occurrence of cancer.

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"Let's stop smoking"

90 percent of tuberculosis and cancer 30 percent of other cancers can be prevented with a stop smoking suck. After conducting a study published by the National Cancer Center Hospital Dharmais says, then it appears from a sentence that is not new "Let's stop smoking"

There are some things that we can get to the stop smoking, some benefits are first, with no more smoke means we reduce the risk of heart attack infected, tuberculosis cancer, tuberculosis disease chronicles, obstruktif, stroke, stomach tukak, fetus growth restriction, pregnancy interruption and childbirth, and infertilitas impotence, and osteoporosis.

Diseases are automatically attack us, because there is a cigarette rod at least 4000 chemicals, 400 of them toxic, and approximately 40 of which can cause cancer. There are 3 the most dangerous poisons, namely nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Nicotine, which only takes 10 seconds to reach the brain makes us addicted.

Second, breathe more easily and have better stamina. Third, we save the expense of buying cigarettes. If we spend a day in one packet of cigarettes, then approximately we will save $ 5,000 a year. If more than one packet, the more savings we do.
Fourth, utility expenses and insurance payments. Fifth, have a more clean teeth, breath, clothes, rooms, houses, and cars that do not smell.

Sixth, this is very important to stop smoking that we save the people around us who do not smoke, especially children and our wives. Because active smokers smoke only 25 percent of cigarette smoke coming from the edge of a burn, while the other 75 percent is given to people who do not smoke.

Children of parents with active smokers at risk of suffering from the breath, such as asthma, twice more than the child whose parent does not smoke. Preparing to quit smoking should start with the intention and motivation is strong.

than some of the things that have been mentioned above there are no less important, if we stop cigarette smoke means we reduce the carbon dioxide released by the cigarette. That means that we also reduce the damage to the ozone layer that cause global warming.

So, turn off your cigarette, cigarette before you kill!

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Important marine moment opened

Today is a very historic moment Ocean World Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit 2009 has opened in Manado Convention Center (MCC), to 4 days to come, so many things that will determine the sustainability of nature under the sea and especially in our world in general.

Many marine problems are not our own opportunity to reflect that. we are very grateful to those who still regard the preservation of nature and especially on coral reefs and how so that we do not always depend on the nature of life is now, with the World Ocean Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit 2009. Not only that we can enjoy the natural beauty beneath the sea and the fish that we enjoy but also our children and grandchildren will feel it's all in the future.

Therefore let us fully support the implementation of the World Ocean Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit in 2009, with support from us automatically, we also will provide an opportunity in the generai of us to enjoy the sea and its contents.

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indonesia is a country with a large sea area that is larger than on the mainland, with a great sea automatically have that many coral reefs, and coral reefs in the process aslimilasi may be possible to absorb carbon (carbon sinks).

"the issue of absorption of carbon through the media this coral reef should be a topic main discussion in the Conference Marine World or the World Ocean Conference (WOC)and the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) in Manado, 11-14 May 2009 "was presented
Kurnaen Sumadiharga (Researcher field Oseanografi Indonesian Institute of Science

He explains, fotosintesa process may be done by the plants that have leaves or chlorophyll klorofil. According to him, coral reefs consist of elements from the animals called coral polyp that do mutualisme symbiosis with plants alga, the green seaweed.

"This alga plants do indeed fotosintesa process, even in the water," he said. Fotosintesa process, he said, require carbon dioxide (CO2) and sunlight, then produce oxygen (O2), water and sugar. The CO2 which is the main material fotosintesa process, he said, is also available in the sea.

He said that, at night, while coral reefs do not asimilasi, this plant would produce CO2. "Carbon is produced at night is what becomes the main material of a fotosintesa process," he said.

Therefore, he continued, the existence of coral reefs should be maintained and utilized as well as possible to anticipate the change of climate at this time is not stabilized.

Deputy Assistant Damage Control of Marine and Coastal Conservation Improvement Deputy Natural Resources State of the Ministry of the Environment Revelation Indraningsih menuturkan, the existence of coral reefs in Indonesia should be strongly guarded. According to him, other than caused by the use of explosive materials, global climate change some time this is also one of the causes of damage to coral reefs.

He says, result in climate change to increase sea-water temperature. "The temperature of sea water rose 2-3 degrees Celsius in two consecutive days caused damage to coral reefs," he said. Conditions such as this, he continued, also has begun, there are indications in the territory of Indonesia.

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Full benefits of the chicken

DQY Ecological Farm, is one of the farms in china that has two types of industry that is the main supplier of organic eggs for Beijing, also has been providing electricity supply to the capital city. electricity is obtained from chicken feces. News of China Daily, Monday (4 / 5).

From chicken feces that is produced, the resulting electricity capacity reached 14,600 megawatt each year, with a capacity of 14,600 megawatt farm is able to meet the electricity needs of 10,000 families in Beijing, Tianjin, and rural Mongolia autonomous region in North China.

Ecological Farm DQY installing the first gas engine in China in August 2008 to generate electricity and heat. to produce 80,000 tons of chicken feces earned each year. Ecological Farm DQY keep 3 million chickens in the farm management. Use of bio-gas for producing electricity that is connected from the former source is heated by coal, livestock DQY reduce the CO2 gas out to 95,000 tons each year. farm is very productive and one way to reduce global warming because it can reduce the CO2 gas out. Of eggs produced, electricity from livestock waste that is very good to develop in the "Our Company is planning to develop a model in other parts of the country is," said Gu Qing, deputy leader of livestock.

DQY foreign capital is a company with registered capital 208 million yuan. Livestock produce 71 percent of the organic egg market in Beijing. Stakeholders Deqingyuan consists of the Beijing Science and Technology Co. Ltd, GEF-Global Environment Fund which is based in the U.S., Biz Inno Agriculture from Hong Kong, Shanghai Yibei Management Consultancy Company, a member of the World Bank, Finance Corporation, and six each man.

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"Influenza A (H1N1)" is not "SWINE FLU"

Important announcement issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), Thursday (30 / 4), the world body will not longer use the term "swine flu" refers to it in and choose to take the influenza virus as a new "influenza A" (H1N1).

"On the day of Thursday 30 April 2009, WHO will call the new influenza virus as influenza A (H1N1) not the" swine flu ", said the World Health Organization (WHO short notice in the broadcast by the network's internet.

World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly stressed that the people can not be infected by this new virus with only consume the pork is cooked well and in accordance with the recommendation.

"In fact, although the virus originated from animal pigs, we do not believe that people will be infected by pigs," said WHO Assistant Director-General Keiji Fukuda who served on the environmental health and safety.

"This really is a virus that spread from human to human. Therefore, we think the action of handling food, eating pork will not cause danger to people," Fukuda said to reporters.

Previously made from Washington, U.S. officials argued the name change for the flu pigs.

In a
adjudgment, Minister of Security Affairs to U.S. Janet Napolitano and the Minister of Agriculture Tom Vilsack with heavy hearts repeatedly mentions the flu as the "H1N1 virus".

"This is not a disease transmitted by food, but the virus. E
mendation Not exactly as swine flu seriously because it is not the case," said Vilsack.

Israel already rejected the first swine flu name and select the call "Mexican flu", because the virus is more infectious in the country in Mexico. Law about food in the Jewish religion for bids eating pork

WHO that is based in Paris has also made his objections with the name and say, viruses that contain elements of poultry and human viruses. So far, no pigs were found suffering from disease.

In addition, there is a growing feeling in the agricultural sector to call North America, although the virus specialist, Anthony Fauci, said in a Senate hearing on the opinion that the draft "swine flu" reflects the scientific naming protocol.

For pork producers in the U.S., the flu so that the pigs have been hurt the government officials take the attitude that asserts the United States safe pork eaten and other countries need not prohibit the import of pork United States.

Price pork, soybean, and maize has
come off in a few days later. If this continues, of course, have great potential. That is why it is important to align, said Vilsack.

At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also have to talk to remove the word "pig" from the name of the swine flu official said CDC Director Richard Besser lead to wrong interpretation that the disease can be from pigs.

"It's not profitable for pork producers. That's not helpful to the people who eat pork. That's no help for people who wonder how they can be infected with this," said Besser.

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Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, said on Monday (27 / 4), Pakistani intelligence agencies believe al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had died, but they acknowledge they have no evidence.

"The United States told me they did not know and they are far more equipped
rather we are tracking. And our own intelligence agencies obviously thought that he was not there anymore, that he had died, "Zardari told AFP journalist and dilansir.

"However, there is no evidence, you can not accept it as fact," he said. "We have between fact and fiction."

Zardari to address reports that the Pakistani Taliban in the Swat valley said they will welcome both Osama bin Laden if he would like to visit the former health resort in the hills of Pakistan is now in the hands of the Islamist group. "The problem is whether he is alive or has died. There is no trace Osama bin Laden," said the president.

In Washington, the U.S. department of foreign affairs spokesman, Robert Wood, indicates that the U.S. will still be looking for Osama bin Laden based on estimates he still lives. "I do not have information that Osama bin Laden is indeed dead or alive," Wood said to reporters when asked about the statement of Zardari. "We do not know. We will continue to pursue Osama bin Laden until we can catch it, or bring justice to him," he said.

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Pig Flu alert

Pig Flu became the most frightening threat to the world at this time. After the death of more than 100 people of Mexico, the government of Mexico estimate pig flu cases in humans in the country continue to grow.

Many countries, from Spain to New Zealand, warned citizens not to travel to North America, the early emergence of outbreaks. Government of the other quarantine plan, the rules restrict the import of meat of swine, and check the temperature of the body passenger aircraft. Global health officials also live waiting times increase global pandemic alert level.

Unfortunately, as is always done every emerging global crisis of any kind, the government always claims not to worry. Yesterday the Minister of Health Siti Fadilah Supari urge people not to panic to the likelihood of the emergence of the disease of
Pig Flu in Indonesia.

Siti stressed that the disease of swine flu H1N1 alias small potential for spread in the country. Mortality due to bird flu (H5N1) is much higher, ie, 80-90 percent, rather than
Pig Flu H1N1), which is 6.4 percent. However, the community must remain vigilant because there are already confirmed this virus can be transmitted through human to human. H1N1 virus is''living in the area subtropik. For Indonesia, the probability is very small due to tropical. However, the community must remain vigilant, "said Minister of health in a press meet after the coordination meeting of swine flu in the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Office, Jakarta.

Coordination meetings attended by the Ministry of Transportation, Department of Health, Police, Ministry in the country, the Ministry of culture and Tourism, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of foreign countries.

Cautious for the emergence of disease in Indonesia, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has requested the parties to stop the import of meat pigs. In addition, the MOH conducted surveillance on a number of pig farms in Indonesia, which is now reached 9 million head. Meanwhile,''for the entry into Indonesia through the airport has been prepared thermo scanner,''said Siti.

Thermo scanner is a tool that can detect human body temperature is high bertemperatur. If the human body that reviewed more than 38 degrees Celsius, the tool will beep. If there is a suspected infection of
Pig Flu , will be given cards Danger Health (Health Alert Card) that has been prepared by MOH. Card is given to the airline and the port. Cards will be distributed and must be filled by migrants on the condition of health. For example, these newcomers have the flu or not.

Director of Disease Control of Animals brought (PPBB) MOH Rita Kusriastuti add, thermo scanner has been prepared at ten airports and ports. Among others, Airport Soekarno-Hatta and Halim Perdana Kusumah Airport in Jakarta, Juanda Airport in Surabaya, Hang Nadim airport in Batam, Makassar in Hasanudin Airport, Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Sepinggan Airport in Balikpapan, and Port of Tanjung Priok in one terminal and two. Meanwhile,''for drugs, has been prepared 3 million stock tamiflu drug (the same medicine for bird flu). In addition, 100 hospital referrals have also been re-trained, "said Rita.

On the same occasion, Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie said,
Pig Flu pandemic is likely to be.''Therefore, the government will take the prevention of spreading in Indonesia,''he said.

Ical-familiar call-Aburizal says has received reports from the ministers of agriculture, minister of health, and the National Commission for Control of Avian Flu and pandemic influenza in coordination meetings. ''We will study the steps that
Pig Flu does not spread in Indonesia, based on experience in the prevention of bird flu pandemic,''said Ical again. Currently, he is proceeding, if the exercise is being conducted H1N1/Pig Flu viruses that attack Indonesia. Exercise is how the evacuation, how to delivery to the hospital, until treatment.

Extract information Diseases Control Center or the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the swine flu attack at this time with a different type of flu that normally exist in the human or pig. New types of flu this genetic material consists of pigs, birds, and humans. This new type can be transmitted between humans. Marks the beginning of flu infected pigs are shown with flu-like symptoms, ie fever, tired, lose appetite, and cough. Some people experience slimy nose, sore throat, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Pig Flu virus can spread through the consumption of pork? CDC mementahkan possibility that. The entrance to the pig cutting animals must be free from the flu. In addition, the concoction of meat will kill the virus. Effective way to avoid flu this new sink is to wash hands regularly, using soap.

Head of the Laboratory of Avian Flu Airlangga University Surabaya Choirul Anwar Nidom states, the results of research in laboratoriumnya, for at this time have not found a local Indonesian pigs that contain a virus such as
Pig Flu virus in Mexico.

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Women, The Strong's Men

During this time women are always identical as those of weak people who do not have any more bargaining power. Not infrequently a woman is seen by the eyes of men. While women thus stronger than men

"I see from my own family, my father married three times. He was not able to take the family after his wife died," said Samuel Mulia, A Brand Counsltan of several leading media when found after the book launch in Heart Side The Heart Susah couple Exercise , in Jakarta.

After the funeral, go Sam, the father can not take things like the small child, or pay the electric bill and telephon.

"If the woman left by her husband, the economy is a problem, but if the husband can be left perplexed everything. No wonder that many widower married again," said Sam.

In addition, go Sam, the husband will be experiencing many difficulties in solving various problems because during this time where the wife is for her husband,

"Even a head of state is from the outside looks stout akan complain on their wives. No wonder if there are terms behind a strong man there is a great woman," augment him.

He also cite that the strength of women when he has seen. During the nine months, a woman must carry the burden where it was going. Have not yet felt the pain when giving birth.

After becoming a mother, women still have to take the children occupied. Unfortunately, the strength of the maximum has not been used by the women.

According to the women not confident with the strength of the existing. In addition, factors domination of men also prevent women to indicate strength.

Then men graduates of Faculty of Medicine Udayana University holds this man who is being selfish, and the woman as the nation weakened.

"When Adam caught eating the fruit from heaven, he would blame weather," he said. He also cite akan men are considered great if he became a playboy, but if a woman play the girl would pout.

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Obesity causes Global Warming

The increasing cases of obesity numbers (Obesity) in this world it is said to be one of the causes of the emergence of global warming. why, what problem?

Scientists warn that the increasing number of glutton also show increased production of food, the biggest causes of CO2 gas emissions that heat the planet earth.

Obesity is also said to participate in environmental damage. Dr Phil Edwards from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said, "The fat found in someone who is responsible for the obesity discharge 1 ton carbon dioxide each year." That means billions of tons of CO2 each year there.

Scientists said global warming melt the polar ice in the north and increase the surface sea water and the jungle.

Effect of fat on the environment is increasingly visible especially those who are most overweight lazy to do the activity. They prefer to drive a car, the biggest cause of carbon emissions.

Scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said developed countries such as the United States and the UK have this problem.

Phil said, "Production of food reaches at least one fifth of the amount of greenhouse gases." Therefore, go Phil, efforts need to be a down trend Obesity. This is a key factor in the fight against carbon emissions and slow climate change.

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24 Year Baby Becoming Stone in stomach

on 22 april 2009 occurred the very surprising things in the world medis.Tim doctor surprised with the finding that babies have been silent in the stomach cavity Ny Painah (48) operating at the time nomination mioma uteri the team of doctors led by Hafiz Usman H SpoG in Hospital dr Noesmir Baturaja Wednesday

With the baby weight about 300 grams - 400 grams and 14 cm long according to the family Painah already occupy his mother's stomach for 24 years. But seven months after the event, the baby lost her mother's stomach and gradually decline as people have maternity.

Doctor H SpOG Hafiz Usman said this case or in medical terms Lito pedium (lito means stone and means pedium children) first time found in Ogan Komering North (OKU). Mother baby experience intraabdominal pregnancy / extra utrin. Baby dies in pregnancy seven months and there is no way out (of birth) because of the position of the baby in the belly cavity, or a baby outside the womb.

if our people are very surprised when certain things that happen. plus our knowledge of the medical is very low. but if we return to the god that is very possible. therefore let us juxtapose themselves with more on the gods.

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smile angel injured

Middle girl is sitting and reading a sheet of paper in a few rooms temaram. An invitation to parents of a student graduation. Girl is Lina. Five more days he will reach a degree of communication.

"What I need to go back to the house so, it has been almost four years I never again set my feet in there." Lina suppress.

Almost four years he never again visited the place where he first tat boyhood and youth. Since the war he was involved with the father's mouth. Lina only because the father wanted his son studying in medical. Meanwhile, Lina choose science communication as a path of education.

In emotional, Lina leave home. Despite the weight of the heart, he should leave the younger sister, Rani, who is junior class 2. Lina regret everything. If the mother does not leave them too quickly. it becomes a little fracas can be avoided and he should not go out of her house.

Lina rise from a chair and reach mobile phone rings after a very long time. "Hi Bram, what?" Lina question.

"Lin, I remember a meeting tomorrow, come the morning more so," answered Bram. "Surely." Answer Lina short.

"Yes ... if so, good night it is, unfortunately," Bram end of speech.

Bram is the nearest Lina at this time. He often gives the spirit to run their lives in Lina. Bram also provide job opportunities for Lina to work in radio as a chore.

Lina the morning to leave office with a lot of things that flare up in the brain. He became difficult to concentrate. Bram see changes in attitudes Lina. Bram about Lina, "It's what, one day you look up haywire?" Bram help.

Lina submit a letter of invitation to the graduation Bram. Bram read, and then he said "So, what's wrong?"

"You know I own, I do not have long associated with the father. Now suddenly I need to meet with him again. I am confused, and more precisely bumbling nervous," said Lina.

"Why should you confused, it is now time to show you that fathers can be successful even without help from it," said Bram.

"But ...." Lina is still undecided.

"Never mind, it later after work I go home to home among you. ... Okay" Bram said Lina greeted with a nod.

It still does not change. Still painted white, the same as last time Lina visited the house. Lina moment hesitate to step in, but Bram reach hands and walk into.

Doors open and look Minah. "Miss ..." Old woman was surprised. "There are fathers, minah?" Lina question. Minah looks nervous. Lina run entry.

"Father has not come home two weeks, Nona. Ehm ... go since Nona's house, a lot has changed, Nona. Mr. so rarely home, she said business is business. Meanwhile, sister Rani women often go home the night, often not even go home , "said Minah length. Lina startled surprised to hear the word of Minah.

"Now, Rani is in the room?" lina said then.

"There, Miss, in the room, already a few days this does not leave room Rani. Rani also do not allow me to enter rooms. Oh yes Miss, what to drink?" Minah said.

"Buatkan to Bram, I do not have," said Lina. "Bram, I used to ride, I'm not feeling well," said Lina while going to the top floor. At room adiknya, he shock. Rani are to enter the syringe arm. "Rani!" Lina cried and ran to the Rani and immediately seize the needle tool.

"What you do! You use?" Lina outcry against brother daughter.

"No matter you! Why you here, urus only your own self." Rani screaming. He looked in pain.

Rani avoid corner and ran to the room. "Go ye! Where you when I am lonely. When I have a problem. I am alone here." Rani said with the sad.

"Yes I am sorry, Ran. I pity you as I promise you will not leave again," answered Lina. Lina slowly approaching the daughter and sister hug. Rani increasingly struggle to get loose, but do not embrace Lina weakened.

"minah ...," cried Lina. Minah not come alone. He is with Bram. "Minah please phone the doctor." Lina said. Minah out soon. "Bram please check this room, there may be remaining." Lina said that while the injection of Bram. The situation in the house have started restrained. Rani has started quietly.

When Lina father came, they spoke in the room work. Lina told the purpose coming. Lina submit the graduation invitations to his father. Lina fathers are willing to come and receive.

*) Nunung N

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Men and Researcher

The city is silent and the silence in the cold night. It seems, the city where I began to dream up sleeping soundly and feel that only loneliness. One of the things that I like to think is in the dark, even crying in the dark. I close the eyes stronger, start to imagine what dark as the grave I wait. I immediately open the eyes as soon as possible.

Current five months ago, is still really strong in the embedded memory, and even up to second this. In fact, the rebel soul with what I've done to myself. That time I really did not freeze, only the still crying ago. For me, the world no longer. Many things that must be prepared when you attend because you will change many things. Some of the closest friend I was with said that they do not feel that myself and dare to take firm decisions.

"Maybe you use magic!" Ain began to look forward because no one that I respond to the serious. "You can do the! You can not continue like this, already a week!"

In the dark I remember all the smiles that have occurred. Fragile Aji I lost because I do not mind making tasks that pile up, forget the friends who always there for me. But, the heart can not deny everything, and I expect this night I miss him. Longing that I go to him who have created a map of my life changed overnight. He is capable of the day without me I surrender terms. Surrender to the beautiful love I keep silent.

Golden opportunity that I go by the waiting time. Because the most valuable when it is I do not want to Aji become the property of others. Things that have been mad I have to do is to love him so that I was chosen. Without her heart I only receive one hour, and I decided and said that he did not choose me.

In fact he knows that I have feelings for others, no longer considered as a friend. The more I remember what you have done for me, the more I miss him.

"You know, I like the small chase kites. Once I get it already, but my friends still have to have ambition."

"Finally?" I cut the story about the child.

"I can kite damaged. It's sad that time." His eyes look empty with the small

"I want to like the kite," I said.

"I want to love you like the kite. I want you I will not release the board." He was smiling. Smiles which means that he will release me.

Decisions that have been fixed dibuatnya course I did not receive. As a man he does not have the unmitigated temerity be the least. I likewise unstable himself.

"I have decided Eva," he said in the phone that morning.

I am among the happy and sad. Before I say that I love him, he had to love another woman, namely Eva. I present the time is not right. Then I ask him not to leave me for a while. He is able. During her there with me, he realized that there was love for me.

"He was angry. For, according to him I am wishy-washy in the teeth. I really like to say to him, but he does not dare to commit, and I do not want a relationship stranded without direction. The commitment that I get from you."

"Eh, no SMS from Eva," he said suddenly, I subside, fear.

"He ask me to contact him soon, I need you fear, I call again later. I do anything right, you do not be afraid."

Almost one hour more I am waiting to contact me again. Somehow what is happening.

"Eva the decision. He dares committed." Without directly kuminta he explains. I still do not know what should be said. "You certainly can Get it all." That last word in the phone.

Ripen the night, do not feel wet pipiku remember everything. He is a man of kite flying high and went with the wind. And I will never know where he went to land, land his heart. At first I just want to love himself in the silent, the more I save more and therefore I am weak.

So many words that he say, but no one has ditepatinya. In fact I have not forget to put all of it. This evening I'm suffering from insomnia for the time. I turn on the lamp room, and I search all about him.

*) Endah Tri Utari Amboina

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Vaginoplasty, Vagina When Back as still virgin

Vaginoplasty, the operation is done to tighten the vagina, the more interested in the beauty world the last few years. Prior to know how to do vaginoplasty, also need to know what encourages people to do so.

Women in the pelvic muscles to control the three organ systems, say, bladder, uterus and stomach, which flow into one. When one of the damaged organ, can be organs that are affected.

Major cause behind the pelvic muscle damage is usually due to childbirth, menopause, and Obesity. Conversely, some women born with a network of fat and muscle collagen vagina is lax even when young and not lost during the birth.

The causes, the birth of a child
Damage vagina usually caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Head of the baby was born, through a vagina, can cause pelvic muscles too elastic and tear. Can become worse when the patient does not do kegel exercises during pregnancy and after birth.

Many women do not realize these exercises can prevent or reduce the risk of damage to pelvic muscles. To know or not damaged pelvic muscles, the doctor can enter the vagina to the index finger and thumb into the anus and "tweak" it. If there is a kind of empty space between them, the pelvic muscles have been damaged and the network "perineal body" which is located in the area.

This is a common problem caused by the cutting process of healing or a bad (episiotomy) in the vagina shortly after birth. This feeling that causes such as vulva / vagina that opens on the patient and spouse. Complaints, such as loose, do not bite, there is no sensation, and not fun, it is often heard.

Different from the vaginoplasty, there are patients who ask labioplasty (depreciation vagina lips). Some patients, especially under the age of 40 years, is very disturbed by the lips of their vagina. Some complain of pain when couples have sex when trying to find "the entrance". The other was when the pair saw depression vulva and turned to another woman.

Labioplasty operation is simple with the vulva skin cut off the excess with a straight or zigzag cutting. Sewing is done with rapih and this will be lost within a week. Labioplasty can be done as a day procedure with satisfactory results.

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Hacker steals information combat Jet

Confidential data of thousands of the most sophisticated fighter belonging to the U.S. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, has been stolen by hackers secret for two years.

Hacker success make random aircraft electronic system through the computers of Pentagon contractors tasked to design and develop the plane. So disclosed a number of officials who are reluctant to name mentioned because this sensitive case.

As CNN reported on Wednesday (22 / 4), the hacker can also enter the traffic control systems to U.S. Air Force. They can even get information about the location of U.S. military aircraft flight.

Aircraft F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the F-35 Lightning II. The aircraft is designed to be a new fighter that can be used for Navy, Forces, and Air Force. The project of making the plane is worth 300 billion U.S. dollars.

Most of the data is confidential demolished about building design and statistical capability aircraft, including the electronic system. With that data, Hacker can easily use it to create a competitor aircraft.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal said, hackers are able to copy multiple terabyte data on these aircraft is. One terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes. "Not that ever happened like this," said a former official.

Not yet clear how serious breach, or indeed who the peretas it, but the most sensitive data on the fighter project was reportedly stored in a computer that is safe and not connected to the internet.

Wall Street quoted several former U.S. officials never mentioned the identity and they said that the attack "appears to originate in China." One report has not been long out of this Pentagon said China's military has made "certain progress" in the development of techniques for increasing the war online as part of efforts to redress the military that are less developed.

Early April, disputed the Chinese reports The Wall Street Journal that the peretas China and Russia has been trying to send a virus to install electricity in the U.S..

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Russia threatens NATO

Russian envoy to NATO, on Monday (20 / 4), threatening to cancel the meeting will be the senior military commander next month if the alliance is still conducting training plan in Georgia, the Interfax News Office reported.

"If we see no response (on the Russian protests about the training that the staff meeting )..., Russia-NATO planned held on May 7 will not take place," said Interfax quoted Dmitry Rogozin.

Russia, which is involved in a brief war with Georgia last year, NATO protest of plans to do a series of international exercises near Tbilisi next month.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned that NATO exercises that can hinder efforts to overcome the tension relationship between the organization and Moscow, which is frozen after the Georgia war.

Russia and NATO decision to start work again with the council is part of efforts to improve relations between Moscow and Washington, after Barack Obama launch new duties as president of the United States.

The first meeting of council of minister level since the relationship is again scheduled to take place starting on 29 April and the planned ministerial-level meeting on May 19. Russian officials so far have not send the signal that the risk of this meeting was canceled.

Russia calls NATO exercises as it is on alliance support for Georgia, an important transit route for oil and gas Caspian Sea to Europe, and has been brought under control by Moscow.

NATO states did not understand why Moscow feels disturbed by the practice plan, which will involve 1,300 soldiers from 19 countries from 6 May to 1 June.

Russian troops entered Georgia to break the Georgian military effort to more South Ossetia on August 7-8. Five-day war in August that erupt when Tbilisi tried to restore power to the military forces in the area of South Ossetia secede from Georgia in 1992, after the fall Sovyet Union.

Georgia and Russia still disagree after a brief war in August between them years ago to the South Ossetia.

In addition to South Ossetia, Abkhazia also separate themselves from Georgia in the early 1990s. The two separatist regions that depend almost entirely on the top of the Russian financial assistance, military, and diplomatic.

Georgia still claims sovereignty over the area and received support from the West South Ossetia on Wednesday (11 / 3) states will allow Russian troops to the region to use the military base for 99 years.

Abkhazia leader Sergei Bagapsh also said earlier in March, the province will soon sign an agreement that allows Russia to build a base in another separatist region of Georgia for the period of 49 years.

Russia still plans to put thousands of soldiers in Abkhazia and South Ossetia have been anger Tbilisi and associates to its West, saying that it violated the cease-fire end of war.

Recognition of the independence of Moscow on the second area menyulut criticism from Georgia and many Western countries.

Russian recognition of opening up the independence of the two Georgian regions that it separates itself, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, on January 16 when President Dmitry Medvedev receives ambassador ambassador-their first flush of biting with the ambassadors of NATO member countries.

Nicaragua to give "full recognition" to the republic-republic Abkhazia and South Ossetia as "the new member countries free of the world community.

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Dilemmas of Life

Life is beautiful but life is not as easy as paint multiform and many colors

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