Global Warming

A hot day and suddenly changed to cold, the seasons change we can make sure regardless of the month to month, are probably due to one small example of global warming.

But people do not realize that heating occurs because of ulah us. small example that we never realized "defecate". every day from all over the earth will do, of which we dispose of sewage each day is the "Metan Gas" is one of menipisnya cause of the ozone layer that protects the earth.

Then the "smoke" the cigarette it is also still do not know that they are also a significant contributor of carbon dioxide, for example, 30% of people on the earth every 1 person in one day smoking cigarettes 1 is how much carbon dioxide in the output, not to mention the carbon dioxide in the output of smoke vehicles, factories and natural factors such as forest fires are intentional or not.

In fact if we can reduce the things that are above certain global warming will be our atasi slowly, with a healthy way of life, such as not smoking, reducing the use of vehicles that use fossil fuels, the factory also reduce the use of fossil fuels, and tiller of the tradition of burning the forest to open new land.

Other things can we do to increase production of oxygen with the road as much as possible to plant a tree in the tree because we can breathe in carbon dioxide and oxygen mengelurakan in the afternoon.

Let's save the earth with the things that are easy and cheap to start from ourselves, our homes and the environment around us. We are aware of what we do is we may be part of the person who can save the earth


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