Efforts to Recycle Waste Plastic

Efforts to recycle waste plastic made Palapa Recycle Plastic Foundation, a community organization that was formed to overcome the problems of Lhokseumawe plastic waste, are now starting a company recycling waste plastic in the world. This organization offers the opportunity to export waste plastic that has been processed.

According to Recycle Plastics Chairman Palapa Foundation (PPRF) Baharudin Sanian foundation to accommodate a variety of plastic garbage collector who collected scraps. Unlike the second-hand dealer, according to this foundation Baharudin, empower collectors item used in a way to help them know the economic value of waste plastic. If second-hand collectors submit various types of plastic waste in the form of the original foundation to help collectors items used to separate different types of waste plastic in chemical elements according to each one.

"With the way to share all types of waste plastic according to the chemical elements each, directly to make the selling price of plastic garbage is increasing. Then when the collector submit a second-hand plastic waste in the form of full and mixed with frosted, valued by collectors agent only Rp 1000/kilogram. But when plastic waste is divided and grouped start appropriate chemical element each, a price many fold increase, "said Baharudin.

He cite, one can drink bottles of two types of plastic waste that is different, bottles and bottle cap. When both separated and combined with the same type, then the price of plastic waste can be more expensive than the current collector to sell second-hand bottles and bottle cap is not separate. "We take up to two years to create second-hand collectors know to distinguish the types of plastic waste," said Baharudin.

PPRF now has a shelter and waste plastic processing factory. This factory function mill-waste plastic waste that has been separated into various types, into small pieces or plastic chips. "If we sold in the form of plastic chips, the price much more expensive," said Baharudin.

PPRF Baharudin was assisted by donor agencies to come to Lhokseumawe pascatsunami. This is from donor agencies, PPRF consulting business and get connected with one of the waste plastic processing company in the world based in Hong Kong, Fukutomi.

Fukutomi representatives have come to Lhokseumawe and interested in what we do. They requested that we exported two containers of plastic waste that has been grinding, and said while Baharudin, said in a PPRF can sell 150 tonnes of plastic waste that has been processed to the processing factory.

However, efforts Baharudin PPRF and the issue of plastic waste is not fully supported the Government of Lhokseumawe. They even PPRF burden the city government to help provide a place for various types of waste garbage different.

"But we're the government so that the city would like to educate the public, with the trash distinguish type. This is to help collectors collect garbage scraps, plastic waste," said Public Outreach PPRF Surya Aslim. Surya said, the effort was directly PPRF has helped overcome the problems of plastic waste in Lhokseumawe.


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