BALIKPAPAN - sea transportation accidents occur in indonesia again, yesterday on 02 april 2009 at 12:30 WITA, cargo ships, cargo without Dillah Ocean VI burned in the distance about 500 m from Semayang Port, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Suspected to originate from the fire engine drawer anchor.

There is no sacrifice of the soul in the fire. But, the material losses estimated at Rp 1 billion more.

sea transport equipment weighing 1,500 gross tons (GT) since August 2007 is anchored in the waters around the port because of engine damage. The plan, ships belonging to PT Samudra Dillah, shipping company, were returned to Makassar for improved. the plan would dance on the ship by delay, this information obtained from the child witness the ship that time he accompanied the other six crew Polair Polda Kaltim.Sebelum repatriation ship, the ship kru check engine condition drawer anchor. Since damage to machinery, ships, anchors never turned on again. According to the origin of man, the smoke thick enough out of the diesel engine when turned on.

afternoon rest time, children are the fruit of ships rest on the front of the boat to see the fire from the spirited engine stern to the right. They are trying to put out the fire extinguisher equipment kebakarang on the ship. because the fire is big enough effort that is so useless.
They then ask for help through a speedboat near the red and white ship was to call the tugboat fire in the Port of Semayang. Lapse of 30 minutes, 6 tugboat fire to come to the rescue of the child and the ship put out the blazing fire that is large enough.

Fire ship must be a valuable lesson for the shipyard to not just receive a report in writing any physical condition and boat engines. and quencher are eligible, so there is no fire boat.


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