Gum Inflammation

Researchers from the Medical Faculty of the teeth, University of Indonesia (FKG-UI), Lies Zubardiah M. Qosim, find alternative new drugs originating from the leaf "Lawsonia inermis Linnaeus" or known as henna or henna leaves as alternative medicine for gingivitis.

Lies Zubardiah, in the description says, this research prove the role of Lawsonia inermis Linnaeus leaf or leaves, known as henna or henna by the rural communities in Indonesia are often used as a skin wound healing drugs in the body.

He explains the mouth of alternative medicine research this using a variety of testing, such as fitokimia test, test the opponent against the bacteria "Streptococcus sanguinis", toksisitas acute test, test sitotoksisitas, gingivitis healing test on animals and human beings try, test and absorption of color on the teeth.

Results of research it was found that leaf Hena containing the compound opponent bacteria, such as flavonoid, atsiri oil, saponin, steroid, triterpen, and tanin, proven effective against the bacteria S. sanguinis, can decrease the concentration of plaque, not toksit in humans, and cure gingivitis.

Research results that are in the process of Rights over Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property Rights) This is one form of alternative medicine that is safer for the treatment gingivitis in children and adults.

As known, one type of interference in the health and dental mouth is gingivitis (gum inflammation). Gingivitis is the type of periodontal disease is most often found in 80 percent of children aged 11-13 years in developing countries and is chronic.

If the left continues, gingivitis can become periodontitis (inflammation dental network buffer), so that the teeth become loose and easy to shake. The main etiology gingivitis is bacterial plaque, which is able to damage the network buffer starts with the dental damage to the gingiva (gum).

"Streptococcus sanguinis" is one of the most bacteria found in plaque. Plaque adhere closely to the teeth and can only be removed through cleaning with toothbrushes and interdental cleaning tool. Compound that is opposite the bacteria needed to help eliminate inflammation.


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