At the age of 14 years, have a guy approach, really tired of hiding.
At the age of 24 years, that there is no approach, quite tired understand.

My boyfriend simulate drunk and take me back to the house, really tired rejects.
My boyfriend really drunk and vomiting on the floor, really tired cleared.

There are loans that money to my boyfriend, I fear they do not pay, really tired, and worry him.
my boyfriend borrow money with other people, other people really afraid to charge with debt, tired to worry himself.

Birth to a boy I like children afraid of his father does not have the
future, the children really tired.
Birth to a daughter, misguided as he was afraid his mother, with its tired.

Husband puppy time again, every day must be economical, really tired.
Husband many times more money, fearing he was outside of the study is not good,
really tired.

Husband is too sharp, in the streets there is always the guy who surreptitiously view,
I am tired.
Husband is too ugly, every exit on the road, really tired should explain to people what he is not


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i like this post of yours nice one!

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hello my friend thanks for the visit ^^

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