Many people say, eating squid can make a man infertile. There is also a belief, sprouts will increase the amount and quality of sperm. "A lot of myths that harm patients. All the food was not very good or very bad. All is well, but should be balanced," said Dr. Setiawan Nugroho, MS, SpAnd.

The reason, every food has advantages and disadvantages, so it should be balanced. "If you eat too much squid, for example, is not it, not good." Then, what about sprouts? According Nugroho, if only to eat sprouts alone, it certainly is not healthy.

"There are times when we must be rational. In theory, sprouts are high in vitamin E. However, if one basket sprouts will be extracted only one pill of vitamin E. So, to return to the cause. If the cause is less fertile due to a lack of vitamin E, eat sprouts may help. However, if the cause Varicocele, sprouts ONE baskets every day enggak any good, "said Nugroho.


odds and ends said...

I don't know about the squid. It alarmed me 'coz it's my fave. But I have to agree with you, everything should be balanced. I'm more of a vegetarian now :)

Bimakuru said...

hellouw... blogwalking here :D

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