Airbus A330-200

An aircraft owned airline Air France (Airbus A330-200) lost in the journey from Brazil to Paris. Until now unknown fate also more than 200 passengers.

Airbus A330-200 aircraft is designed to be secure in the class.

This is the specification of Airbus A330-200, known sophisticated:

- According to the Aviation Safety Network, this type of Airbus A330-200 had experienced no fatal accidents since the trial in 1994.
- Airbus A330-200 designed through travel. Jet is able to carry passengers with medium capacity.
- Airbus A330-200 was first operated in 1998.
- The amount in all the world as much as 341.
- Length: 58.8 meters.
- Capacity: 253 passengers with a standard configuration, 293 passengers in two class configuration.
- Range up to: Up to 12,500 kilometers. This allows travel through such as Paris-Singapore, the Paris-Los Angeles-London or Dubai.

- Companies that use aviation Airbus A330-200 including Air France, KLM, Northwest Airlines, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air China and China Southern Airlines.
According to the Paris airport authority, on Monday (1 / 6), impressions Airbus A330-200 suddenly not visible in the radar screen. He left Rio de Janeiro, Sunday at 19:00 local time, and will arrive in Paris, Monday at 11:15 local time (around 16:15 WIB).

The Air France said, Airbus 330-200 aircraft type numbered flight 447 was carrying 228 passengers and crew, each of 216 passengers and 12 crew.

A spokesperson for Air France-KLM in Amsterdam, said radio contact with the plane that dropped out of the lost at all. At the last location where the Airbus A330-200 is not known at this time.

During the incident, the Airbus A330-200 that crosses the bad weather conditions, lacing through thunder and lightning in the Atlantic Ocean. Brazilian government is now to seek a search mission in the east coast of the sea coast that country.


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