"The first night"

Some of the things that will happen in the first night.

1. Painful coitus

first night of first coitus akan may feel painful, but not the next night. If the pain until many weeks, this certainly is not normal. Rip hymen is not painful, such as the myths circulating, unless the broken blood vessel, so that more blood out.
Painful coitus is incredible if you have also experienced interference in the mouth, vagina (vulva). The causes can be due to infection (vulvitis), injury, muscle spasm, or a reaction to fear itself.

If the condition of vulva and vagina is healthy, but still painful coitus or malaise, the adjustments may not create emotional, mental, and physical conditions between the couple. Thus, sexual communication can not be stopped.

2. Fisrt Night Not bleed

Although the girls, could be the night when the first does not bleed. This is because the hymen is not only one kind, both hole and elasticity.
In the women's hymen is more rigid, not bloody likely in the first night, and on the next night, or even torn a new betulan after child birth. This case often a tempest at the beginning of the marriage. Husbands generally immediately claimed his wife is not virgin anymore.

3. Urinate many times

Two-three days after the first night, a sudden painful urine, do not feel well, nausea, head aches, and, if severe, urine pink or red. This typically happens on the new bride.
Of course, it should immediately be given antibiotic drugs murderer bacteria, in addition to sedative urine. Usually within 3 days urinate many times already cured, but can relapse. Especially if it is not so direct urine completed coitus

4. Not To Orgasme

The first night will not necessarily always successful. The husband may be satisfied if it has been orgasme, but not the wife. Women's reached a new peak or if orgasme preliminary game long enough, the organ of the soul is ready and fully, and his wife already feel free. Like what? Pain favors prosperous, extraordinary sensation that is felt to the body and soul, it is not envisaged with the words, which can be repeatedly like ocean waves comb the beach.
That was then, how important sex education for boys and girls. If only every husband knows that hymen is diversified, he certainly will be more wise to the real wife is still virgin.


Loedin said...

he.he.. he .. he ... agree to provide knowledge on sex, but does not have the necessary training and testing, agree ....?

madz said...

Nice tip for the newly weds :D

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love this post, very educational :D

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