"Influenza A (H1N1)" is not "SWINE FLU"

Important announcement issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), Thursday (30 / 4), the world body will not longer use the term "swine flu" refers to it in and choose to take the influenza virus as a new "influenza A" (H1N1).

"On the day of Thursday 30 April 2009, WHO will call the new influenza virus as influenza A (H1N1) not the" swine flu ", said the World Health Organization (WHO short notice in the broadcast by the network's internet.

World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly stressed that the people can not be infected by this new virus with only consume the pork is cooked well and in accordance with the recommendation.

"In fact, although the virus originated from animal pigs, we do not believe that people will be infected by pigs," said WHO Assistant Director-General Keiji Fukuda who served on the environmental health and safety.

"This really is a virus that spread from human to human. Therefore, we think the action of handling food, eating pork will not cause danger to people," Fukuda said to reporters.

Previously made from Washington, U.S. officials argued the name change for the flu pigs.

In a
adjudgment, Minister of Security Affairs to U.S. Janet Napolitano and the Minister of Agriculture Tom Vilsack with heavy hearts repeatedly mentions the flu as the "H1N1 virus".

"This is not a disease transmitted by food, but the virus. E
mendation Not exactly as swine flu seriously because it is not the case," said Vilsack.

Israel already rejected the first swine flu name and select the call "Mexican flu", because the virus is more infectious in the country in Mexico. Law about food in the Jewish religion for bids eating pork

WHO that is based in Paris has also made his objections with the name and say, viruses that contain elements of poultry and human viruses. So far, no pigs were found suffering from disease.

In addition, there is a growing feeling in the agricultural sector to call North America, although the virus specialist, Anthony Fauci, said in a Senate hearing on the opinion that the draft "swine flu" reflects the scientific naming protocol.

For pork producers in the U.S., the flu so that the pigs have been hurt the government officials take the attitude that asserts the United States safe pork eaten and other countries need not prohibit the import of pork United States.

Price pork, soybean, and maize has
come off in a few days later. If this continues, of course, have great potential. That is why it is important to align, said Vilsack.

At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also have to talk to remove the word "pig" from the name of the swine flu official said CDC Director Richard Besser lead to wrong interpretation that the disease can be from pigs.

"It's not profitable for pork producers. That's not helpful to the people who eat pork. That's no help for people who wonder how they can be infected with this," said Besser.


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