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Small waves pounding tight hug my leg. Cream-sand beach foam finger tight grip feet. This afternoon the weather so warm. I look up, I saw there is a cloud of reddish so beautiful. In the middle of the clouds, I saw the sun wave hands. He will return home. Truly a very beautiful afternoon.

Now, I settled on the coastal edge. I leave only small waves hug closely feet. Suddenly, I am surprised that a frequency waves radiate from the mouth of a woman. Beautiful female voice from me.
Diana name. Curly black hair slightly reddish. Eyes rounded. Cornea little brown eyes. Pure white skin. Today, he looks so fresh with a tie dye T-shirts have the design of the heart that is used by them.

I have long engaged with. He was a special girl. Diana beautiful, but also smart. Most importantly, he would understand me. Understanding the advantages and all I lack.

Today is the commemoration day we fall in love the fifth. Not a day invented. But, the day falls in love. We never considered the first day official day as us. But, the day that we consider is the official day where we love each other. When we first exchange viewpoints.

I really love Diana. With simplicity, elegance, and everything. Diana looks like an angel. He is likely to be sent to earth to change my life. Friend, you not know that before with Diana, I was a very "different."

I am so lazy. Even just for school, I often cut once. I am often confused. I do not mind to be clear where. All this is due to pullout of the former me, Risa, for ever.

Diana is a new dream for me. After 3 years I own confusion in me, he suddenly came, and into the life I once only. Without permission.

We come in a very beautiful island. I still remember that exact moment. Lombok, 31 August 2005. At the time I am on vacation. Enjoy the beauty of the island with my family.

He is a native girl Lombok. With the same age. He was also at the school with the same. We already spend enough time together. So long, till I ask the parents moved me to school. Yes, now I finally moved the school in Lombok.

Diana mirror for like. He reflect what I want. Overall. Truly, Diana is beautiful and the biggest gift in my life. I do not want to lose him.

Day when I came back a year, for example. Diana to give something very special for me. A little tart, make up the cream form of two white roses (two days is the birth of I), with a candle (one is dated kelahiranku) above. He brings the right shows the day of birth I: 14:20.

A very special surprise. Yes, Diana was a very special for me. At least after I graduated from the mental hospital, and writing this story. Since losing Risa, I experienced psychiatric disturbances.

About Diana, turns out that my parents never took to Lombok for the holidays. Simply refreshing. However, there I never want to be home. I find the 'illusion I' in there.

Finally they let me stay in there so I get the world. In Lombok, I am cheerful. Can interact with friends with the normal. Only one thing is strange. Ie, Diana.

Photos with him, all its surprises, in fact I come from the mind itself. When I see an image, for example, both of us. Previously, I actually ask the coast guard for taking both of us. The result is indeed correct. But, when I look back now, I was alone photo.

Diana is also a friend of one with me in class. But, after I get to the guardian class I recently, he said that I always want to sit alone. No one can fill the empty seat next to me.

When you write the story of this laptop, the calendar shows the date 31 August 2008. I sit on the beach, where I acquainted with Diana. In fact ... sound waves that break before I dreaming, is the voice of a woman. This time he was real. My parents smile at me with that girl.


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