Important marine moment opened

Today is a very historic moment Ocean World Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit 2009 has opened in Manado Convention Center (MCC), to 4 days to come, so many things that will determine the sustainability of nature under the sea and especially in our world in general.

Many marine problems are not our own opportunity to reflect that. we are very grateful to those who still regard the preservation of nature and especially on coral reefs and how so that we do not always depend on the nature of life is now, with the World Ocean Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit 2009. Not only that we can enjoy the natural beauty beneath the sea and the fish that we enjoy but also our children and grandchildren will feel it's all in the future.

Therefore let us fully support the implementation of the World Ocean Confrence (WOC) and Coral Triangle Summit in 2009, with support from us automatically, we also will provide an opportunity in the generai of us to enjoy the sea and its contents.


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