Avoiding Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is shut off, if not treated quickly and intensive information received from the MOH website says there are 6 million new cancer patients each year in the world. Each year the number of people with cancer in the world increased 6.25 million people. In developing countries, each year there were 100 cancer patients per 100,000 of population.

Associated with the data we gather, and if the publications issued Hospital National Cancer Center on the 10 way Dharmais Avoiding Cancer:

1. Stop smoking.
Smoking is the main cancer and tuberculosis is almost 30 percent to cause the occurrence of other types of cancer. If smoking in the house it will cause terpaparnya throughout the home, including children, with cigarette smoke causes disease and respiratory channels.

2. Avoid the sun
Excessive sunlight can cause skin cancer. For that protect your skin with sun block, use a long sleeved shirt and a hat or umbrell
a in the blazing sun shine.

3. Reduce fat content in food
Foods that contain lots of fat causes increased body weight and obesity. This is a cause of cancer in the uterus, gall uterus, breast, and kolon. Control body weight with a balanced diet and sports akan reduce your risk of cancer is affected.

4. More fibrous food
Wheat, rice, vegetables, and fruits is a natural source of fiber that is very good and protect you from cancer kolorektal. Foods that contain lots of fiber such as wheat bread, bran, corn, rice, spinach, potatoes, apples, peer, and tomatoes should be consumed regularly every day.

5. Reduce consumption of foods that smoked, burned, and preserved with nitrit
Oesofagus stomach cancer and is often found in countries that many of the people who consume foods processed with evaporation and preserved with nitrit. Burnt food in the womb is known substanc
es that increase the risk of cancer higher.

6. Choose foods that contain lots of vitamins A and C
Natural vitamins and other important substances in the vegetables and fruits can protect us from cancer oesofagus, laring, stomach and tuberculosis. Orange, banana, mango, papaya, tomatoes, fruit and other tropical fruit, carrot and broccoli is a source of vitamins and vital substances-substances.

7. Consumption of more vegetables the cabbage
Research shows that vegetables are included in the cabbage, such as cabbage, broccoli, cabbage flower, bak choy, and kale can protect you from stomach cancer, and cancer kolorektal channel breath.

8. Avoid alcoholic beverages
Consume alc
ohol in the number of affected many high-risk liver cancer and stomach. Smoking with the drinking of alcohol increases the risk of cancer of a very large mouth, throat, laring and oesofagus.

9. Self-check regularly
Recommended for women to do pap smear, breast self examination as well as with mammografi to detect cancer of the womb and breast collar. While for the men examined rajinlah to escape from danger prostat cancer and testis cancer.

10. Patterns of living a balanced
Eat enough and balanced nutrition, a balanced use of time between work, rest, recreation and sports, and always approach to the Lord can reduce the risk of occurrence of cancer.


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