5 step which Pore-pore

1. Clean makeup every night with carefully. No matter how tired you are, you should not live up to bed without cleaning themselves first. Even if you do not wear makeup every day (only put on moisturizer, powder, and lipstick), take the time to clean the face with a cleanser. This is to remove dirt and oil that ignites in the face skin.

2. Wash face with soap that contains salicylic acid. This material will destroy the oil and dirt that clog pore-pore, and help to improve the surface.

3. Wearing a moisturizer does not contain oil, and does not cause allergies. Salicylic acid will likely cause irritation to some particular type of skin. Therefore, to combine with a gentle moisturizer.

4. Wearing sunscreen every day. Perhaps many of us who do not realize that the sun can damage skin. Expose the sun damage the collagen layers of skin creating a smooth face. Outside the room without sunscreen protection will also benefit from the third step that you did before.

5. If necessary, perform intensive care. Dermatology experts have a series of special care for us who have certain skin problems. Be smart with the consumers who choose not to provide treatment side effects are dangerous. You may recognize the process of chemical Peeling, where after a few days the skin will peel (skin), and facial skin become reddish. Although the end result makes the skin looks white and smooth, but this causes the skin to become thin and easily affected by free radicals that cause cancer.

* You can wash your face using a face cloth cleanser moisturizer that contains salicylic acid.
* Make Peeling or laser treatment with the help of the skin doctor, or specialist dermatology.

"Weapon" which must be belongs to:
Cleaning with salicylic acid
Soft moisturizer


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