Finally broken the "Page Rank"

One day there is someone to inform and introduce them to me a matter of general public I think that is "blogger". he also said that out of our bloggers can also be additional revenue if we have a page rank, and I asked him what the "page rank"? he said that page rank is one award for the bloggers who are eligible tamplete's uncle google.

then I try to start a blog to manage running a few months I try and try the Page rank of waiting I also appear.
after a few months I try to wrestle with the world's bloggers finally give my uncle Google page rank 1, the new page rank 1 was given but I was very happy because I have been waiting since long. thanks to all colleagues who are bloggers to help me to get the page rank. do not forget me say many thanks to bidikcom that will provide templates and guidance to me, that thanks to uncle google I have to give my page rank.
I also do not forget to thank the many parties who have supported me.


madz said...

Congrats to your PR! Join my contest :)

odds and ends said...

Congratulations! I lose mine :(

Dorothy L said...

That's great news....congratulations on your PR.

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