Skin of Wine

Consume wine that we can make a well-preserved. For, in the skin of wine there is a substance called plavonoid. "Substance is a kind of antioxidants that measure higher than the antioxidants found in vitamin C," said the expert public health nutrition, Prof. Dr. Ir Khomsan Ali, in a press meet in Jakarta,

Ali said, the people of the city such as Jakarta threatened more exposed to older more early because of air pollution exposure. Toxic substances that are spread in the air cause oxidation process or the occurrence of damage to the cell body.

"To prevent the occurrence of this oxidation, antioxidants needed. Skin wine than the fiber is also a source of antioxidants," said Ali.

According to Ali, some people peel the skin before eat wine. This is because the wine country in the skin thicker than wine imports. "Seeing the benefits of good skin of wine, good food and local wine imported skins are still eaten," he said.

Associated with the threat of pesticides on the fruit skin, Ali said, does not need to worry. Pesticides already have a water soluble, so before consuming the fruit, including wine, wash with running water while rubbed. How many consume wine?

"Basically, every day we should eat fruit and two portions vary each day. For the wine, 1 portion is equivalent to 6-8 units of wine. There is no need to every day. Every day eat not prohibited, but wine is expensive?" he said.


Dorothy L said...

Well that is nice to know. That my glass of red wine is actually a healthy step for me :)

I have read that it is good for ones blood and cholesterol but your tip i new:)
Thank you!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i eat fruits everyday.
We bought wine before when we went to
wine trails and vineyards but we already consumed it. Yeah wine is good for the health.
Happy weekend.

Blogger Rise said...

I can`t drink wine cause my religion forbide me to it

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

droppin by again orange. wish u have a great week ahead

gem said...

i agree wine is good for health.
and can prevent diseases. this is a very helpful information.thanks for sharing.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi i am here again. have a great week.

Muja said...

nice ..


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