"Let's stop smoking"

90 percent of tuberculosis and cancer 30 percent of other cancers can be prevented with a stop smoking suck. After conducting a study published by the National Cancer Center Hospital Dharmais says, then it appears from a sentence that is not new "Let's stop smoking"

There are some things that we can get to the stop smoking, some benefits are first, with no more smoke means we reduce the risk of heart attack infected, tuberculosis cancer, tuberculosis disease chronicles, obstruktif, stroke, stomach tukak, fetus growth restriction, pregnancy interruption and childbirth, and infertilitas impotence, and osteoporosis.

Diseases are automatically attack us, because there is a cigarette rod at least 4000 chemicals, 400 of them toxic, and approximately 40 of which can cause cancer. There are 3 the most dangerous poisons, namely nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Nicotine, which only takes 10 seconds to reach the brain makes us addicted.

Second, breathe more easily and have better stamina. Third, we save the expense of buying cigarettes. If we spend a day in one packet of cigarettes, then approximately we will save $ 5,000 a year. If more than one packet, the more savings we do.
Fourth, utility expenses and insurance payments. Fifth, have a more clean teeth, breath, clothes, rooms, houses, and cars that do not smell.

Sixth, this is very important to stop smoking that we save the people around us who do not smoke, especially children and our wives. Because active smokers smoke only 25 percent of cigarette smoke coming from the edge of a burn, while the other 75 percent is given to people who do not smoke.

Children of parents with active smokers at risk of suffering from the breath, such as asthma, twice more than the child whose parent does not smoke. Preparing to quit smoking should start with the intention and motivation is strong.

than some of the things that have been mentioned above there are no less important, if we stop cigarette smoke means we reduce the carbon dioxide released by the cigarette. That means that we also reduce the damage to the ozone layer that cause global warming.

So, turn off your cigarette, cigarette before you kill!


denny said...

i'm trying so hard to stop smoking,,

wonder how is the best way to do that..

[::make up is the new anti-stress drug::] said...

for get smoking now denny. :D kekkeekke now or never

denny said...

hope can do that .... erggh...sick of millions money i have spend for that cigar.. :D

musicteller.com said...

Hope you and me health forever ..

genial said...

I can't quit from this actualy :(
how's that?!?!?

L The Lionheart said...

nice info...

smith said...

Considering the long term benefits of smoking cessation such as low risk of succumbing to cancer, a significant reduction in mental stress, odorless breath et al, it is definitely necessary for you to start your quit smoking regimen as soon as possible. However, during the first few weeks, it may appear extremely difficult to get rid of this addiction, but as you consistently try to quit smoking for a certain period of time, your smoking cessation efforts would yield results.

Blogger said...

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